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Products and services are classified by according to specific categories (also called Classes). Trademarks have to be applied or registered under such specific class or classes as may be applicable. Herewith we are presenting an all-inclusive guide to Class 25 of the Trademark Classification!

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Trademark Class 25

Trademark Class 25 pertains to Clothing, footwear, headgear.

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Comprehensive list of goods classified under Trademark Class 25.

  • Headgear
  • Clothing
  • Footwear: And
  • parts and fittings of all the aforesaid goods, include in the class.

A detailed list of goods classified under Trademark Class 25


Albs Garters Shawls
Aprons [clothing] Girdles Shirt fronts
Ascots Gloves [clothing] Shirt yokes
Babies’ pants [clothing] Gymnastic shoes Shirts
Bandanas [neckerchiefs] Half-boots Shoes*
Bath sandals Hat frames [skeletons] Short-sleeve shirts
Bath slippers Hats Shower caps
Bath robes Headbands [clothing] Ski boots
Bathing caps Headgear for wear Ski gloves
Bathing trunks / bathing drawers Heelpieces for stockings Skirts
Bathing suits / swimsuits Heelpieces for footwear Skorts
Beach clothes Heels Skull caps
Beach shoes Hoods [clothing] Sleep masks
Belts [clothing] Hosiery Slippers
Berets Jackets [clothing] Slips [undergarments]
Bibs, not of paper Jerseys [clothing] Sock suspenders
Boas [necklets] Jumper dresses / pinafore dresses Socks
Bodices [lingerie] Knickers / panties Inner soles
Boot uppers Knitwear [clothing] Soles for footwear
Boots* Lace boots Spats / gaiters
Boots for sports* Layettes [clothing] Sports jerseys
Boxer shorts Leggings [leg warmers] / leg warmers Sports shoes*
Brassieres Leggings [trousers] Sports singlets
Breeches for wear Liveries Stocking suspenders
Camisoles Maniples Stockings
Cap peaks Mantillas Studs for football boots
Caps [headwear] Masquerade costumes Stuff jackets [clothing]
Chasubles Mitres [hats] / miters [hats] Suits
Clothing* Mittens Suspenders / braces for clothing [suspenders]
Clothing for gymnastics Money belts [clothing] Sweat-absorbent stockings
Clothing of imitations of leather Motorists’ clothing Sweat-absorbent underclothing / sweat-absorbent underwear
Clothing of leather Muffs [clothing] Sweaters / jumpers [pullovers] / pullovers
Coats Neck scarves [mufflers] / mufflers [neck scarves] / neck scarfs [mufflers] Teddies [undergarments]
Collars [clothing] Neckties Tee-shirts
Combinations [clothing] Non-slipping devices for footwear Tights
Corselets Outerclothing Tips for footwear
Corsets [underclothing] Overalls / smocks Togas
Cuffs / wristbands [clothing] Overcoats / topcoats Top hats
Cyclists’ clothing Paper clothing Trouser straps / gaiter straps
Detachable collars Paper hats [clothing] Trousers / pants (am.)
Dress shields Parkas Turbans
Dresses Pelerines Underpants
Dressing gowns Pelisses Underwear / underclothing
Ear muffs [clothing] Petticoats Uniforms
Esparto shoes or sandals Pocket squares Valenki [felted boots]
Fishing vests Pockets for clothing Veils [clothing]
Fittings of metal for footwear Ponchos Visors [headwear]
Football shoes / football boots Pyjamas / pajamas (am.) Waistcoats / vests
Footmuffs, not electrically heated Ready-made clothing Waterproof clothing
Footwear* Ready-made linings [parts of clothing] Welts for footwear
Footwear uppers Sandals Wet suits for water-skiing
Fur stoles Saris Wimples
Furs [clothing] Sarongs Wooden shoes
Gabardines [clothing] Sashes for wear
Galoshes / goloshes Scarves / scarfs


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