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What is Trademark Objection?

All you need to know

Trademark Objection:

Once a trademark application is filed, the Trade Marks Registrar will process your application and issue an Examination Report for Trademark. Examination report could be for advertising your trademark before registration or he can come up with an objection for registration of the trademark. There are no fixed reasons why your Trademark Application may be objected.


The Trade Marks Office can, for various reasons, have objections to your trademark application. This may be because the word or logo is too similar or resembling to an existing trademark, or various other reasons. Law gives you an opportunity to respond professionally and reply to trademark objection raised. You must file your response to this objection within a month from when the Examination Report has been published online. If you don’t, the Registrar may abandon your application.


What is Trademark examination Report?

Trademark examination report is a report of examination conducted by Trademark Office after examining the registrability of the application, which includes distinctiveness, existing similarity with prior registrations, and filing of supporting documents.


A professionally drafted objection reply will ensure that you have valid reasons to believe why your application should get through. If the Trademark Examiner finds the reply sufficient and addresses all the queries raised by him/her in the Examination Report trademark, the application would be allowed to be published in the Trademark Journal, before registration. This takes you an inch closer to use ® mark. is an eminent business platform and a progressive concept, which helps end-to-end incorporation, compliance, advisory and management consultancy services to clients in India and abroad. Securing a Registered Trademark is easy, seamless, cheapest and quickest with! Apart from a Trademark Registration, also helps you with Trademark Objection filing, draft Trademark objection reply letter, Trademark Renewals, Trademark Assignment, Trademark withdrawal, Trademark opposition and Trademark rectification services. Contact Ebizfiling for Trademark Objection and Trademark Objection Reply. Confidently clarify all queries raised against your trademark in the government objection. Let expert lawyers do the job for you. You may get in touch with our compliance manager to know more on trademark objection reply fees and process call on 09643203209 or email for free consultation.

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Effectively Replying to Trademark Objections

Points to make your decision easy

Brand Protection

By the time you receive objection, you might have been using the ™ symbol already. Your business brand would have started creating visibility. You should have started creating value for your brand. Filing a new trademark application may not be relevant. Instead, you could simply identify the list of reasons your logo, slogan or brand name are different.

Reply Professionally

Filing a reply to objection does not guarantee for you to sustain your application. However, it is still relevant because you would not wish to see your application abandoned because of few reasons. Expert Professionals like ebizfiling will come handy this time. Drafting and filing objection reply through us will significantly improve your chances of getting through.

Responding in Time

Once Examination report is issued, you have one month (30 days) to file your reply against the same. There’s no bar on filing reply even after 30 days. However, this significantly reduces your chances of furthering your trademark application. It is therefore advisable to act in time and make sure of submission of reply to objection within defined time frame.

How to Reply to a Trademark Objection?


5 Easy Steps


Study of Examination Report


Experts Assess Implications of Notice


Drafting of Objection Reply


You Approve Draft


Objection Response is Submitted

Free Consulting

EbizFiling Compliance Manager will thoroughly study and assess implications of  objection and decide best course of action to address the issues raised by Trademark Examiner, as cited in the Trademark Examination report and move on with the procedure.

Reply Drafting

At EbizFiling, in-house experts team of lawyers will draft a professional and correct reply to the objections raised. We take up objections case-to-case and draft a customized response so that your chances of getting through increases.

Reply Submission

Experts drafted response will be sent to you for approval for your comments. Your comments, if any, will be considered and the same will be re-drafted accordingly. Once draft is approved by you, we will proceed and file reply submission.

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