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How to Start an E-commerce business?

All you need to know

Starting an e-commerce business is a dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Also with enormous growth of e-commerce players in India and thanks to Internet connectivity, it is also an easy choice for Indian youth.


Business registration is the first step towards your dream of setting up an online store. For registering your business, you need to decide which type of entity you should form. You have many choices such as starting solo with Sole Proprietorship firm or One Person Company. You may also opt for registering a Private Limited Company, if you have plans to infuse equity or bring in Foreign Direct Investment at a later stage. Usually, Private Limited Company is the best form of organization for an e-store. It has many advantages such as limited liabilities, quick approvals, easy compliances, legal protection, scalability etc.


Once a business is registered, you need to apply for GST Registration, which is a mandatory requirement laid down by all e-commerce platforms. You may then proceed with opening a bank account in the name of business. More details on GST Registrations is available here.


Some e-commerce platforms also insist for their own Trademark i.e. a personalized logo and brand name. It also helps you create your own brand value and goodwill.


Must Read: A guide on 6 Different types of E-commerce business is an eminent business platform and a progressive concept, which helps end-to-end incorporation, compliance, advisory, and management consultancy services to clients in India and abroad. EbizFiling will help you with all business registrations required for you to easily register yourself on any e-commerce platforms in India. You may get in touch with our compliance manager on 09643203209 or email for free consultation.

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(All Inclusive)

  • Proprietorship Registration
  • PAN Application of Proprietor
  • TAN Application
  • Trademark Application (1 Application 1 Class Small Enterprise)
  • GST Registration



(All Inclusive)

  • Drafting of Partnership Deed
  • Execution of Partnership Deed
  • SSI/MSME Registration
  • PAN Application
  • TAN Application
  • Trademark Application (1 Application 1 Class Small Enterprise)
  • GST Registration



(All Inclusive)

  • 2 Digital Signature Certificates
  • 2 Director Identification Numbers
  • 1 Name Approval Application under RUN
  • Stamp duty on INR 1 Lakh Authorized Capital
  • Private Limited Company Incorporation using SPICe
  • MOA & AOA
  • PAN Application
  • TAN Application
  • Trademark Application (1 Application 1 Class Small Enterprise)
  • GST Registration
  • SSI MSME Registration

Business Models of e-commerce business

Decide on your best option

Set up your own online store

Setting up own online store for selling products all across India is very easy. It contains some additional steps as compared to registering as a seller on e-commerce platform. You will additionally need a website (domain), digital marketing team to create visibility of your products and payment gateway.

Register as seller on e-commerce platform

If you wish to register as a seller on any existing e-commerce platform, all you need is a business registration, trademark registration and GST registration in India. Once these registrations are obtained, you can open a bank account and go ahead with registering on any of the e-commerce platform.

How to start E-commerce business in India


5 Easy Steps


Choose a name


Register your business


Obtain a brand registration


Open your bank account


Register on any e-commerce platforms

Registering your Business

An EbizFiling Compliance Manager will help you choose a unique name and obtain name approval for your business. We will get in touch with you to understand your business model and suggest you an appropriate form of organization such as OPC, Private Limited or Proprietorship.

Tax & Brand Name Registrations

Next step is to obtain GST Registration and Brand name Registration. GST Registration is mandatory for registering as an e-commerce store. Trademark registration is not mandatory but advisable. Once these are obtained, we will proceed to help you to open your bank account.

Registering on e-commerce platforms

In India, there are several e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, paytm, snapdeal on which you may register your products. All you need to do is to choose a platform (s) and start with it. Many of them have laid down very easy registration requirements.


FAQs On E-commerce business

Get answers to all your queries

  • Can I register as a private limited company to sell my products on Paytm?

    Yes. All you need is two directors, two shareholders, a registered office proof and some documents to get started.

  • I am a non-resident. I wish to import goods in India and sell my products on e-commerce platform in India. What should I do?

    Apart from registration of a private Limited company, you will need an Import Export Code. As a nonresident or foreign national, you can easily register a company in India. You need not physically be present in India to open a company. Indian government is very appreciative of FDIs. You may get in touch with our expert’s wing at here.

  • Is it mandatory to obtain a Trademark Registration?

    No it is not. However, in order to uniquely identify your products, it is highly recommended that you should get your products registered under Trademark. As an MSME, you are also eligible to obtain 50% concession on Trademark Government fees. Know more here.

  • Do you provide support to register on e-commerce as a seller?

    We provide end-to-end legal assistance, advisory and support for you to be able to register as a seller on e-commerce platforms. Different e-commerce platforms have different listing requirements. We will help you with all legal registrations needed for the same.

  • I am planning to bring an FDI in India from China for registering my own e-commerce company. How do I go about it?

    You will find all relevant information here.

  • Which Cities do you provide your services? provides E-commerce business Registration all across India. You can obtain E-commerce business registration in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kanpur, Nagpur, Jaipur or any other cities easily with us.

  • Still, have confusion?

    Don’t worry!! Our expert will help you to choose a best suitable plan for you. Get in touch with our team to get all your queries resolved. Write to us at or call us @+91 9643 203 209.

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