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Protecting Trademark in India through Madrid Protocol

All you need to know

What is International Trademark registration under Madrid Protocol?

The Madrid Protocol offers you an attractive route, to protect your brand in up to 124 countries around the world, by making available cost-effective and user-friendly procedures to acquire and manage your trade mark rights abroad. An International application may be filed for trademark registration in English, French or Spanish Languages.


The Madrid Protocol provides a cost-effective and efficient way for trademark holders to ensure protection for their marks in multiple countries through the filing of one application with a single office, in one language, with one set of fees, in one currency. Using the Madrid Protocol today, is an essential component of any successful branding strategy.


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Why should you go for International Trademark Registration through Madrid Protocol?

The Madrid Protocol is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which is a specialized agency of the United Nations, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The Protocol offers you early brand presence at a global level and helps you rapidly acquire international reputation and generate goodwill for your trademarks abroad. The Protocol ensures the legal protection of your brand against competitors in export markets, increases franchising opportunities, opens partnership possibilities and facilitates integration to global supply chains.


It gives you an opportunity of having a single registration to cover a wide range of countries that are covered under Madrid Protocol and it gives and advantages, both in terms of portfolio management and cost savings, as opposed to a portfolio of independent national registrations. It protects your Trademark on Social Media, paid Search Engine and also in E-commerce Marketplace.It supports you throughout the life-cycle of your trademark, from application through to renewal. is an eminent business platform and a progressive concept, which helps end-to-end incorporation, compliance, advisory, and management consultancy services to clients in India and abroad. Registering an International Trademark is easy, seamless, cheapest and quickest with us. Contact EbizFiling, International Trademark through Madrid Protocol for International Trademark Registration online. Register trademark India in quick steps. Find out how to register a trademark in India online. Trademark registration protects your brand and provides you with the tools to prevent someone using similar signs and riding on the back of your business. You may get in touch with our compliance manager on 09643203209 or email for free consultation.


In the upcoming section, we have covered detailed requirements for filing an International Trademark under Madrid Protocol. This will give you a complete idea on what are the pre requisites.

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Advantages of International Trademark Registration

All You Need To Know

Single Application/ one set of fees

File a single application in one language and pay one set of fees to apply for trademark protection in multiple territories. Easy changes and renewal facility for trademark is also available.

Effective Brand Management

By registering your brand internationally through madrid protocol you can manage your brand through a centralized system, and easily expand Business into new markets.

Easy changes and Renewal

An International Trademark lasts for 10 years from the date of registration. However, Easy changes and renewal facility also available. One can renew the same with a simple application form to be submitted to WIPO.

Cost effective / less time consuming

It provides a convenient, cost effective and less time consuming way of trademark protection Internationally by filing one application. In case no objection is raised, the Trademark can get registered within a period of 18 to 20 months.

Global customers & market

By registering your trademark in the territories of the Madrid System, you will be a part of the global market representing over 80% of world trade. If you operate online, your products may more easily be reached to Global customers.

Protecting your Brand in Export Markets

Being an Indian, you may take advantage of an attractive, cost-effective and user-friendly route to acquire and manage your trade mark rights abroad by making use of the Madrid Protocol, an international treaty that India joined in 2013.

Documents Required for International Trademark Registration

Quick Checklist

  • Proof of Business or registration
  • Aadhar Card and PAN card of applicant
  • Logo (if any)
  • MSME Registration (No Need MSME certificate in case of Sole Proprietor/Individual)
  • Trademark Registration Certificate or Trademark Application number (if Trademark is pending in India)

Steps for International Trademark Registration


5 Easy Steps


Complete a Simple Checklist


Take a Search and Finalise Class


Submit Documents


Application for Trademark Registration


Start Using “TM”

Fill a Simple Checklist

A Compliance Manager will get in touch with you to obtain your information along with a simple checklist. You need to fill up that checklist and submit along with your documents for processing. Our expert team will verify documents and proceed with application formalities. All throughout the process, your dedicated Compliance Manager will keep you updated on the progress of  International Trademark Registration.

Search & Finalize Class

Your Compliance Manager will search for availability of your proposed name or logo. If existing name or logo is found in the registry, we will suitably suggest you to modify the name or application. This will ensure that chances of objections are minimized. Every application is to be done under a particular class. We will help you identify the best class (or classes) under which International trademark application is to be done.

Trademark Application

Once a suitable class (classes) is identified, we will file your International Trademark application online filed. You will be immediately provided with Trademark number (acknowledgment receipt), generated from the registrar. The Trademark number is important for two reasons. One is that it helps you to track your application and two, it allows you to use the ™ symbol near your international trademark with immediate effect.


FAQs On International Trademark Registration

Get answers to all your queries

  • What is International Registration of Trademark ?

    An International Registration (IR) is the designation for a registration secured under the Madrid System.

  • What is Madrid System ?

    It is a system for International registration of Marks.

  • Who may use the system ?

    A natural person or a legal entity which has a real and effective industrial or commertial establishment.

  • Can I apply/add more countries later ?

    Once you hold an international registration, you may designate additional “Contracting parties” in a subsequent designation. What is subsequent designation ? It’s a request made by you to the holder for an extension of protection of your original international registration. Such requests for amendments can be made directly to the World Intellectual Property Office through their Subsequent Designation System.

  • Validity / renewal

    An International registration lasts for10 years from the date of registration.
    You are permitted up to 5 years before proof of use may be required where such use id not a requirement of registration in any contracting regions. It may be renewes for additional 10 year periods for a renewal fee.

  • What is the role of WIPO

    WIPO will formally examine your trademark application, however, each contracting party (country) in which you apply to register will have the opportunity to examine the application under their system. You may still end up dealing with a number of contracting offices in different countries.

  • Are trademarks protected internationally?

    No, a U.S. trademark registration will not protect your trademark in a foreign country. Trademarks are territorial and must be filed in each country where protection is sought. To file with a specific country, check WIPO’s list of international trademark offices.

  • Is the registration of trademark compulsory?

    No. Registration of a trademark is not compulsory. However, the registration is the prima facie evidence of the proprietorship of the trademark under registration. However, it is to be noted that no suit can be instituted for infringement of unregistered trademarks. For unregistered marks, action can be brought against any person for passing off goods or services as the goods of another person or as services provided by another person.

  • Is India part of Madrid protocol?

    India joined the Madrid protocol with effect from July 8, 2013. Applications using the Madrid system can now be filed from India. When India became a member of the Madrid protocol, certain amendments had to be made to the Indian Trademarks Law to comply with the Madrid system.

  • How are trademarks protected?

    Trademarks, copyrights, and patents protect different types of intellectual property. A trademark typically protects brand names and logos used on goods and services. A copyright protects an original artistic or literary work. A patent protects an invention.

  • What does the Madrid Protocol protect?

    The Madrid Protocol protects the Antarctic environment. The Madrid Protocol supplements the Antarctic Treaty and designates the area covered by the Treaty as a “natural reserve, devoted to peace and science” until 2048.

  • What is global trademark?

    Global trademark registration. A trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual or business organization to identify that the products or services to consumers with which the trademark appears originate from a unique source, and to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities.

  • The Difference Between Copyright and Trademark

    While both offer intellectual property protection, they protect different types of assets. Copyright is geared toward literary and artistic works, such as books and videos. A trademark protects items that help define a company brand, such as its logo..

  • Still, have confusion?

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