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Appointment of Auditors

All you need to know

Who is an Auditor?

All the government and non-government organizations have to keep track of their accounts and audit reports as the financial year approaches. The financial statements of these firms need to be thoroughly analyzed and assessed before submitting them to the authorized departments. This assessment of financial documents is done by an Auditor.


Any individual trained to review and verify accounting data and recognised as a Chartered Accountant (CA) under the Chartered Accountant Act 1949 is deemed to be an auditor.

Qualifications of an Auditor:

  • A person is eligible for the appointment as an auditor only if he is a Chartered Accountant.
  • A firm is eligible for the appointment as an auditor only when the majority of its partners are Chartered Accountants practicing in India.
  • In the case where a limited liability partnership firm is appointed as auditor, only the partners who are Chartered Accountants will be authorized to act and sign on behalf of the firm.

Appointment of an Auditor is significant in a company that analyses and understands a company’s financial records to deliver effective analyses and relevant information. Management can use this information to evaluate the company and implement measures necessary to meet their objectives.


EbizFiling.com is an eminent business platform and a progressive concept, which helps end-to-end incorporation, compliance, advisory, and management consultancy services to clients in India and abroad. Appointment of Auditors is easy, seamless, cheapest and quickest with EbizFiling.com! Apart from an Auditor Appointment, EbizFiling.com also helps entrepreneurs with Private Limited Company Registration, Public Limited Company Registration, LLP Registration, HUF, One Person Company and all other compliances easily. You may get in touch with our compliance manager on 09643203209 or email info@ebizfiling.com for free consultation.

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(All Inclusive)

  • Document preparation
  • Appointment or Resignation of Auditor

Duties of an Auditor

  • Provide an Audit Report  
  • Make Proper Enquiry  
  • Assist in Branch Audit  
  • Compliance With Auditing Standards  
  • Reporting of Frauds  
  • Provide Assistance in Investigation  
  • Adhere Principles of Auditing  
  • Provide Negative Opinion  

Documents required for Auditor’s appointment

  • Company’s Board resolution copy
  • NOC from old auditors
  • A written consent from the Auditor to such appointment
  • A certificate from the Auditor that he/she/it is not disqualified to be appointed as an Auditor under section 141
  • Copy of the intimation sent by company to the auditor
  • Name of the new auditor firm
  • Address of the new auditor firm
  • Email address and PAN number
  • A number of years for which the firm is appointed
  • Details of the resigning auditor firm
  • Appointment date of the new auditor firm
  • Digitally signed Form ADT-1 (along with the signature of the director of the company)

How to Appoint an Auditor in Company?


5 Easy Steps


NOC From Old Auditors


Consent From New Auditors


Preparation of Documents


Filing of Forms


Auditor is Appointed

Fill in Simple Checklist

Private limited registration

Our Compliance Manager will get in touch with you to obtain your documents along with a simple checklist. You need to fill up the checklist and submit along with the documents for processing. Our expert team will verify documents and proceed with the Auditor’s appointment.

Consent From Auditor

Private limited registration

Before appointment of auditor of company, the written consent of the auditor must first be obtained along with a certificate from the Auditor for the appointment. Once the consent of an Auditor is obtained, We will prepare the documents that are needed to be filed with ROC for Auditor’s appointment.

Filing of Form

Private limited registration

Once we get the draft documents signed copy from your end  we will prepare form ADT 1, get it digitally signed and file the same with concerned ROC (registrar of companies). If the registrar is satisfied, he may grant the appointment of Auditor. We will inform you about the appointment of auditor.

Ebizfiling, FAQ's on Appointment of Auditor

FAQs On Appointment of Auditor

Get answers to all your queries

  • I have just incorporated a company. When do I appoint the first Auditor of the Company and how?

    First auditor shall be appointed by the Board within a period of 30 days from the date of registration of Company in E-form ADT-1.

  • What if the Board is not able to appoint the first Auditor within 30 days of incorporation?

    If the Board fails to appoint, then it shall inform the members about the same. The members shall within a period of 90 days, at an extraordinary general meeting, appoint an auditor.

  • What would be tenure of first auditor?

    First auditor, appointed as above, shall hold the office till the conclusion of first Annual General Meeting The Auditor will typically hold term till the conclusion of 6th AGM or 5 years. The appointment of an Auditor can also be made for a period of 1 year, renewable at each annual general meeting.

  • Which countries do you provide your services to?

    Ebizfiling.com provides Auditor’s appointment all across India. You can obtain LLP name change services in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kanpur, Nagpur, Jaipur or any other cities easily with us.

  • Still, have confusion?

    Don’t worry! Our experts will help you to choose the best suitable plan for you. Get in touch with our team to get all your queries resolved. Write us on info@ebizfiling.com or call us on +91 9643203209


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