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Trademark Opposition in India

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What is Trademark Opposition and reply to TM Opposition?

All you need to know

When you wish to register a trademark, the whole trademark registration passes through several stages. Trademark opposition is one of them. Trademark Opposition in India comes at a stage after the registrar has approved the trademark application on the distinctiveness factor and publishes the trademark in the journal for the third-party opposition.

Trademark Opposition:

  • Any person wanting to oppose a trademark can do so by filing a notice of opposition on the prescribed form along with the prescribed fee within four months of advertisement of the mark.
  • It is first sent to the Registry for review and if all the formalities are met, the Registry will then serve the notice on the other party.

Counter Statement or Reply to Trademark Opposition:

  • A counter-statement or reply to the opposition must be filed within two months.
  • There is no extension to file a counter-statement which means that if the Trademark Applicant fails to file a counter-statement within two months of receiving the notice, the mark shall be deemed abandoned.
  • The counter- statement is first sent to the Registry for review and if all the formalities are met, the Registry will then serve the counter-statement on the Opponent.

Who can Oppose the Trademark?

  • If you have received notice of an extension of time to oppose, you will be notified of the identity of the potential opposer.
  • This bit of information will allow you to search any registrations and pending applications filed by the potential opposer which might form their case for a likelihood of confusion claim.

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Grounds for Trademark opposition

Points to make your decision easy

  • If the trademark is similar or identical to an earlier or existing registered trademark.  
  • If the mark is devoid of any distinctive character or is descriptive.  
  • The trademark is likely to deceive the public or cause confusion.  
  • If the mark is customary in the current language, or it is in the established practices of business.  
  • If the mark is contrary to the law or prohibited under the Emblem and Names Act, 1950  
  • The mark contains matters that are likely to hurt religious sentiments of any class or section of people.  

Process to file Counter statement / reply to Trademark Opposition in India


5 Easy Steps


Fill in the simple checklist


Preparing reply to Notice


Filing the Counter statement


Filing of Evidence


Appearing at the hearing

Fill Simple Checklist

Private limited registration

Our Compliance Manager will get in touch with you to obtain your documents along with a simple checklist. You need to fill up the checklist and submit along with the documents for the processing. Our expert team will verify documents and proceed with the filing of Counter statement of Trademark Opposition

Name Approval

Private limited registration

Once we have all the documents, we will prepare the Counter statement to the notice of the TM opposition. Once we prepare the Counter statement, we will file the same in Form TM O with Trademark registry. The Registry will review and if all the formalities are met, the Registry will then serve the counter-statement on the Opponent.

Company Registration

Private limited registration

Once the Counter notice is filed, we will file the evidences supporting our counter statement, if any. Once we have filed the counter statement and evidence, we will be notified by the registry to appear in the hearing. After the hearing, if the registrar shall decide whether the trademark is to be accepted or not.


FAQs On Reply / Counter statement to Trademark Opposition

Get answers to all your queries

  • Where to file the Notice of Opposition in India?

    The notice of opposition should be filed at the trademark registry where the application for the conflicting mark has been filed. For instance, if the application is filed at the Mumbai office of the Trade Mark Registry, then the opposition proceedings must initiate in Mumbai only.

  • What is the time limit for filing an Opposition?

    The third party has to file the trademark opposition within 3 months (extendable by 1 month) from the date of the publication of the trademark.

  • What is the timeline for filing the counter reply to the TM Opposition?

    A counter-statement or reply to the opposition must be filed within two months. There is no extension to file a counter-statement.

  • What is the timeline for filing the Evidence in support of my counter statement? Can I waive off my right?

    Within two months of receiving evidence/intimation of waiver by the Opponent, the Applicant has to file evidence in support of his counter-statement /application. The Applicant also has an option to waive his right to submit any evidence.

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