What are the benefits of International Trademark Registration?

benefits of International Trademark Registration, International Trademark Registration, Perquisite for International Trademark Registration, Ebizfiling

Madrid Protocol with the Benefits of International Trademark Registration Introduction In today’s globalized economy, businesses are expanding their operations worldwide. To succeed in international markets, businesses need to protect their brand and trademarks globally. Madrid Protocol is an international treaty […]

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What is the importance of Trademark Rectification in brand protection?

Importance of Trademark Rectification, Trademark Registration, Trademark Rectification in brand protection, Trademark Registration mistakes, Ebizfiling

Trademark Rectification: Importance of Trademark Rectification in brand protection Introduction Trademark Rectification is an important legal process for brand owners to correct Trademark Registration mistakes or errors. Registration protects a brand by preventing unauthorized use of a brand’s name, logo, […]

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