What is the process of International Trademark Registration?

International trademark registration, trademark registration, Madrid protocol, trademark application, Ebizfiling.

A guide on international trademark registration Introduction International trademark registration is an important step for businesses that operate globally. Trademark registration provides legal protection to businesses against infringement or misuse of their brand names, logos, or other identifying marks. While […]

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All you need to know about the Exceptions of Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement, Exceptions for copyright infringement, copyright infringement remedies, Ebizfiling

Exceptions for copyright infringement Introduction Copyright Infringement is a serious problem. Notices of copyright infringement can be received from various sources – parties, including individual owners, lawyers, and internet service providers. Indian law takes copyright infringement charges very seriously. Individuals receive […]

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Copyright Registration: Legal rights of a Copyright Owner in India?

Copyright Registration, Section 17 of the Copyright Act, Copyright Law, Rights of a Copyright Owner, Ebizfiling

What Are the Rights of a Copyright Owner? Introduction Copyright law provides legal protection for writers, actors, composers, and artists. They are given the exclusive authority to create a copy, a second, and assign work. These can also transfer the […]

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5 things to consider before Trademark Registration

procedure for Trademark application,Trademark Registration, registering a trademark, online trademark application, procedure for registering a trademark, Ebizfiling

Things to be considered before Trademark Registration Introduction Trademark registration is an essential step for any company. Therefore, it is good to evaluate the online Trademark application from all angles. As a result, you need the assistance and advice of […]

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Different Intellectual Property Rights available to social media influencers

Intellectual Property Rights for Social media influencers, Social media influencers, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), copyright, trademark, content, Ebizfiling

What are the different types of IPR available to social media influencers? Introduction A social media influencer is a person who produces original content that keeps viewers engaged on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, etc. The content […]

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