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Products and services are classified by according to specific categories (also called Classes). Trademarks have to be applied or registered under such class or classes as may be applicable. Herewith, we are presenting an all-inclusive guide to Class 2 of the Trademark Classification!

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Trademark Class 2

Trademark Class 2 pertains to Paints, varnishes, lacquers, Preservatives against rust and against deterioration of wood, Colorants, Mordants, Raw natural resins, Metals in foil and powder form for use in painting, decorating, printing and art.

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Comprehensive list of goods classified under Trademark Class 2.

  • Dyes, colorants, pigments and inks
  • Thinners and thickeners for coatings, dyes and inks
  • Coatings
  • Raw natural resins
  • And additives in connection with the aforesaid, included in the class.

A Detailed list of goods classified under Trademark Class 2:


Alizarine dyes Copal Paper for dyeing easter eggs
Aluminium powder for painting Copal varnish Pigments
Aluminium paints Creosote for wood preservation Primers
Aniline dyes Distempers Printers’ pastes [ink] / printing compositions [ink]
Annotto [dyestuff] / annatto [dyestuff] Dyes* Printing ink
Anti-corrosive bands Dyewood extracts / wood dyestuffs Protective preparations for metals
Anti-corrosive preparations Dyewood / coloring [colouring] wood / dye-wood Red lead / minium
Anti-fouling paints Enamels [varnishes] Saffron [colorant]
Anti-rust oils Enamels for painting / enamel paints Sandarac
Anti-rust greases Engraving ink Shoe dyes
Anti-rust preparations for preservation Fireproof paints Siccatives [drying agents] for paints
Anti-tarnishing preparations for metals Fixatives for watercolors [watercolours] / fixatives for watercolors / fixatives for watercolours Sienna earth
Asbestos paints Fixatives [varnishes] Silver emulsions [pigments]
Auramine Metal foil for painters, decorators, printers and artists Silver paste
Bactericidal paints Food dyes / food colorants Silvering powders
Badigeon Gamboge for painting Soot [colorant]
Binding preparations for paints / agglutinants for paints Glazes [paints, lacquers] Stains for leather / mordants for leather
Bitumen varnish Gum resins Sumac for varnishes
Black japan Gum-lac / shellac Thickeners for paints
Bronze powder for painting Indigo [colorant] Thinners for lacquers
Bronzing lacquers Ink for skin-dressing Thinners for paints
Canada balsam Ink for leather Titanium dioxide [pigment]
Caramel [food colorant] Lacquers Toner cartridges, filled, for printers and photocopiers
Carbon black [pigment] Lamp black [pigment] Toners [ink] for photocopiers / ink [toner] for photocopiers
Carbonyl [wood preservative] Lime wash Turmeric [colorant]
Ceramic paints Malt caramel [food colorant] Turpentine [thinner for paints]
Coatings [paints] Malt colorants Undercoating for vehicle chassis / undersealing for vehicle chassis
Coatings for roofing felt [paints] / coatings for tarred felt [paints] Marking ink for animals Varnishes*
Cobalt oxide [colorant] Mastic [natural resin] White lead
Cochineal carmine Metals in powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists Whitewash
Colophony Mordants* Wood stains
Colorants* / dyestuffs Natural resins, raw Wood mordants
Colorants for liqueurs Oils for the preservation of wood / preservative oils for wood Wood preservatives
Colorants for beer Orange lead / litharge Wood coatings [paints]
Colorants for butter Repositionable paint patches Yellowwood [colorant]
Colorants for beverages Paints* Zinc oxide [pigment]


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