Trademark registration

What is a Trademark and why you need it?


Generally, a Trademark refers to a “Brand” or “logo” But, Securing a Trademark not only protects your brand but also provides you with the tools to prevent someone using similar signs. Trademark registration rides off the back of your business with many benefits as Unique Identity, Creation of Goodwill, Popularizing your brand, Global Recognition, etc. A proper use and promotion of the trademark of your company can lead it to one of your company’s most valuable assets. Trademarks help you to build a brand value for your organization. It identifies the services of its products and its source and also helps in the advertisement of your product and services.


Reasons why businesses like yours need brand protection.

  1. Trademarks protect your brand and goodwill, products and services. They give uniqueness to your brand.
  2. Trademarks are an effective communication tool. They speak for themselves.
  3. Trademarks make it easy for customers to find you. They set a brand apart from the crowd.
  4. Trademarks allow organizations to effectively utilize the power of the Internet and social media.
  5. Trademarks are valuable assets and it keeps appreciating over time.
  6. Trademarks can even make hiring easier.
  7. Trademarks are easy to apply and easy to use.

A simple checklist to register your own Trademark

  1. Trademark or logo
  2. SSI/MSME certificate – In case of small enterprise
  3. Supporting document to prove usage of Trademark/Brand Name/Logo already in use (Sales Invoice/ Any Advertisement material mentioning date/ITR mentioning brand name/any other prescribed document)
  4. POA (will be provided by us for the signature of authorized signatory)
  5. Affidavit (if applicable, will be provided by us for the signature of authorized signatory)


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