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What is Content Writing? 12 types of content writers

All you need to know on 12 types of Content writers


In the contemporary digital world, customers first interact with you through your content on various channels, so you need to make a content strategy that is your target audience and top-notch content for all of your communication channels. Online marketing techniques include content writing. You’ll require a variety of resources when writing. Also, the kinds of content writing you select will depend on your target audience’s tastes, the phases of your sales funnel, and the platforms you want to promote on. This article focuses on What is Content writing? And 12 Types of Content Writers.

What is content Writing?

The act of researching, planning, producing, and editing information intended for an internet platform is known as content writing. It covers everything, including technical writing, SEO writing, and writing for websites. There are other sorts of content that are created for a business, yet typically when you hear the phrase “content writing,” you think of articles.


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What are the types of Content Writers?

There are more aspects of content writing than just stuffing blogs with SEO keywords or email marketing. Writing should reflect the voice of your brand while being interesting and instructive. So what exactly comes under content writing? There are a few general categories and forms of writing that you will probably come across, even though content writing can cover a wide range of categories. Following are the 12 types of Content Writing.

  • SEO Writers

They are the content writers who are well aware of the value and significance of keywords and phrases in the context of SEO. They are well skilled in the algorithms used to determine a website’s ranking on the SERP. SEO writers conduct keyword research using the various keyword research tools available to successfully rank in a search engine.


SEO writers may conduct research and write content with the help of the keywords, that ranks highly on search engines. As a result, they derive visitors to the website organically. In their writing, they actively emphasize clarity and fluidity of language. They should have original content that is free of plagiarism and possess perfect grammar. In their writing, they value language that is precise and flowing. They must produce plagiarism-free unique writing and possess perfect grammar.


SEO writers offer simplified writings to make topics easy to understand for readers from diverse backgrounds. It is sometimes challenging to write even when it seems simple. Writers of SEO content should keep in mind that simplicity of expression and comprehensibility are the two key components of effective SEO content. In order to produce SEO content, authors are typically required to meet the demands and preferences of customers and consumers within a given time frame.

  • Technical writers

Technical content writers are experts in updating and creating comprehensive articles about technology topics. They have knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields, including engineering, architecture, biotechnology, information technology, and many more. Their particular genre requires analytical and logical thinking. Technical writers have an excellent attention to detail, are precise, and are well-versed in their field.

There are two sorts of technical writers-


A. Writers who write exclusively for readers in their expertise or genre. For example, a technical writer may create an article about software that is intended for IT specialists.


B. The second kind is knowledgeable in technical language and creates material for non-technical readers. They must simplify technical phrases for their focus groups in order to make them easier to read and understand.


Technical writing is challenging, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Employers typically prefer hiring candidates with technological backgrounds. A non-technical individual may also have a successful career with dedication, although technically adept people tend to have a better knowledge of what the customer precisely requires from the write-ups.

  •  Lead generation Writers

Lead generation writers are completely focused on a single goal. That is, to generate more leads, this will help generate more business. They create tasks that compel leads or potential clients to perform in response to the information. Lead generation writers try to eliminate the flaws that prevent a company or brand from getting the intended outcome. They have excellent application abilities for using complicated data and analytics for this aim. They have a thorough grasp of sales techniques and the precise factors that influence user activity.


These content writers are ideal for creating SEM material, PPC advertisements, web banners, and landing pages. They write captivating sales letters about the product or service and generate powerful, attractive CTAs that encourage leads to click through. Every stage of the customer journey requires lead generating. Lead generators make good use of the capability. They are aware of how important it is to provide a clear message. Consequently, they are in high demand in the digital world.

  •  Legal writers

Legal writers maybe categorized as individuals who write in-depth articles on legal topics for readers in the legal and justice sectors, including attorneys, judges, advocates, and professionals.  The task of a legal writer is overwhelming and difficult. They have to create something that is authentic at its essence. Excellent research skills are needed for legal writers. Legal copywriters produce elegant, smart, and aesthetically pleasing documents.


A legal writer must be knowledgeable with the many clauses and technical terms that makeup legal writing. They should be able to support their position on a particular topic with strong arguments and be familiar with the vast library of case references that is available.

  •  Advertising Copywriters/Content writers

The group of content writers with the most inventive and imaginative jobs among all content writers is the advertising copywriting team. Additionally, this places a great deal of responsibility on them to engage the target audiences effectively with their content. The information they provide must be simple for the target audience to understand.  Keeping this in mind, improper writing will cause you to lose leads quickly.

They must always positively affect the customer, motivating them to perform the desired action. The tone and voice of the brand must be similarly defined by advertising copywriters. If a copy is meant for children, it should be suitable for reading aloud to youngsters. Catchy headlines and an introduction are essential which can captivate the reader right away.

  •  Social Media Writers

The goal of social media writers is to specifically target their audience on the many social media sites that may contain the majority of their leads. These writers are aware that creating conversational and interactive content is the ideal strategy for trying to stand out on the social media.  Social media has a strong identity.  Social media writers may take use of this high-quality material that is individually created for each social media platform.


Writers that specialize in this genre are aware of the best times and topics for posting to get the most views. The goal of social media writers is to specifically target their audience on the many social media sites that may contain the majority of their leads. These writers are aware that creating conversational and interactive content is the ideal strategy for trying to stand out on the social media.  Social media has a strong identity.  Social media writers may take use of this high-quality material that is individually created for each social media platform. Writers that specialize in this genre are aware of the best times and topics for posting to get the most views.

  •  Business writers 

Business writers are experts in crafting material on tenders, proposals, and various business ideas as well as yearly reports for general meetings, summaries of various business data gathered from the company. The authors in this sector must be fluent in jargon and financial phrases. They must effectively convey business development, terminology, and policies. That requires a thorough grasp of economics, mathematics, and jargon used in business. Business writers interact with the various, closely linked parts of the company.


Business writers must make sure to provide concise, relevant content for their target audience. The readers of business writers are time-constrained and rushed. They are unable to read everything. In order to save readers’ time, it is crucial to compose material in short paragraphs, lists, and bullet points.

  •  Brand writers

One of the most important parts of content marketing is brand journalism. It is the stage of the content marketing process when accurate information about the good or service is created with the objective of informing potential customers about the brand.

, brand journalism (branding or marketing) is done through the media. It gives your company’s products an impression of authenticity. The vocabulary of brand journalists should be vast. They should be able to properly explain the brand’s message in a factual way and possess strong writing abilities. Brand journalists are free to use their imagination and add flair to the text by presenting situations and experiences from real people’s lives.

  •  Corporate social responsibility writers

Corporate Social Responsibility is known as CSR. The writers inform each group within the corporate structure about the policies and actions done by the company.   Shareholders, employees, consumers, and the government are important groups for them.


CSR writers provide blogs, reports, and other communication materials for workers, vendors, and consumers to discuss and engage in conversations about the policies implemented by the corporate operation. They discuss human rights objectives as well as the brand’s obligation to promote gender equality and social justice. It is the responsibility of a CSR writer to enlighten, educate, and clarify  as it is a subject that is extremely vague in this business world.

  • Academic Writers

These are the writers who work for academic settings including colleges, universities, and other higher learning institutions. Academic papers and editorials are now available online due to the development of technology. As a result, writers in this category must be proficient in producing information that can be read online.


Academic writers may have to write about very complex subjects that require accurate facts and data. They must be able to grasp customer needs and attempt to ease any questions. Writing for academic audiences requires neutrality always. The formality of writing on any topic is a distinguishing characteristic of editorial and academic writers.

  •  Subject-Oriented Writers

Content writers that have a deep expertise in particular industry areas are known as experts. This enables them to write formally about a certain subject. When compared to SEO writers, who cover a wide range of subjects while using specific keywords, this style of content writer is clearly different. Subject matter specialists create in-depth articles on a certain topic, highlighting all of its important components. They are subject matter specialists in a certain area, and they produce descriptive essays about it data, statistics, and interesting facts.


A deep understanding of a certain field maintains them in high demand and assists in the creation of original, insightful perspectives on many themes. They are capable of writing time-bound e-books, winning pillar blog pieces, unique content, podcast series, and press releases that are targeted, specialized, and written simply to impress journalists and media outlets.

  •  Marketing and Communication Writer

These writers consistently provide material in the shape of brochures, e-newsletters, e-mail campaigns, flyers, blogs, and other formats. Writing for marketing and communications requires an attention to detail as well as the best possible design and formatting to achieve the intended outcome. This is a rewarding type of content marketing that influences the reader to make a wise purchase choice. It accomplishes two goals. It first draws attention to the qualities of your brand. Second, it conveys the content in a way that encourages potential clients to take the desired action.


To produce compelling material that connects with the audience, communications and marketing writers must love the entire marketing process. Before writing a piece in this category, authors must conduct in-depth research on their particular audience.


Writers must be capable of analyzing sophisticated marketing data to generate targeted content that maximizes reach and visibility. The secret to effectively communicating a message to your potential consumers is to write engaging and interesting content.


There are other categories of content writers like scriptwriters, research and report writers, influencers, novelists, and ghostwriters, although they are always considered as subcategories of the above types of content writers. Determine your primary objectives and goals first, and then decide the writer you require.  You will always have an advantage over commercial writers if you hire specialists. Ensure that the professionals you hire are qualified to produce material that performs well in search engines.

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