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What is an E Way Bill? And Procedure for SMS E-Way Bill Generation on Mobile

All you need to know about What is an E Way Bill? And Procedure for SMS E-Way Bill Generation on Mobile


The E-way bill is a document that was introduced as part of the GST system. Before transporting or shipping products worth more than INR 50,000 within the state or interstate, this bill is generated. The transporter or the person in charge of the goods transportation must have a tangible copy of the e-way invoice. It should include details about the items, the recipient, the consignor, and the transporter. On April 1,2018, the e way bill was introduced across the country. In this article process on E Way bill generation on Mobile, information on E-way Bill through SMS and “What is an E Way bill?” is described.


Before going through the process of Generating e Way bill let’s have a quick look at “what is an E Way Bill?”

What is an E Way Bill?

E-way bill stands for electronic way bill, and it is a signed document that must be generated when the value of transferred goods or services exceeds INR 50,000 inside state or interstate borders. An e-way bill is a one-of-a-kind identification that shows the consignment status of the items being transported.

Modes of Generating E-Way Bill under GST  

E- way bill can be generated by any of the following methods which are:

  • Use web based systems
  • Using SMS based facility
  • Using services of GST Suvidha Provider

Importance of generating E-Way Bill under GST (Goods and Service Tax)

Registered, Unregistered and Transporters should use the E-Way bills. Let’s see what is their role:


Registered person: It is known that E-Way Bill is registered and is necessary while carrying goods for more than 500 crores. But the registered people can also use E-Way Bill for the goods which are less than 500 crores.


Unregistered person: Unregistered people are required to initiate the E-Way Bill. However, where a supply is initiated by an unregistered one to a registered person, the receiver has to ensure that every compliance is met as if they were the supplier.


Transporters: Transporters carrying commodities by road, air, rail, etc. are also required to initiate E-Way Bill in case if the supplier has not initiated it.

Procedure for SMS E Way Bill Generation on Mobile

Mobile e-way bill is a simple SMS-based E way bill creation service that can be used on any phone. This form of e-way bill is typically generated by small taxpayers who may not have access to a computer or internet connection. SMS e-way bill creation is suitable for businesses with a small number of transactions, as it would be sensible to employ other ways if the volume were bigger. Taxpayers can also utilise the SMS e-way bill creation service in case of an emergency, such as in the middle of the night or while driving. The following are three primary actions related to e-way bill operation via SMS mode:

  1. Cancellation of an E way Bill.
  2. Generation of an E way Bill.
  3. Updating Vehicle information.
  • Procedure for generating E Way Bill through SMS

    • To begin, go to the e-way bill site and log in e way bill GST portal.
    • Then, on the left side of the dashboard, choose “Registration,” and then pick “For SMS” from the drop-down option.
    • On the presented screen, enter the registered cellphone number.
    • Select “Send OTP” from the drop-down menu.
    • When you receive the OTP, enter it in the “Enter OTP” field.
    • The following step is to “Verify OTP” and then “Exit.”
    • All of the user IDs will be displayed on the screen after hitting Exit.
    • From the drop-down menu, choose the appropriate user ID. The cell phone number will be auto-populated after that.
    • The e-way bill will be created after you click “Submit.”
  • Cancellation of an E way Bill through SMS

    • If someone wants to cancel their e-way bill, they must send the following SMS request.
    • EWBC/EWB NO: EWBC stands for E-way bill cancellation, and EWB NO is the 12-digit E-way bill number.
    • Remember the following:
      1. Only the person who generates the e-way bill has the ability to cancel it.
      2. The cancellation can be done within 24 hours following generation of the e-way bill.
      3. Once an e-way bill has been verified, it cannot be cancelled.
  • Information on Updating Vehicle Information E Way Bill through SMS

    • Only the taxpayer or transporter who created the e-way bill can make changes to the vehicle’s information.
    • Additionally, vehicle information maybe updated during the validity period based on the distance specified in the e-Way Bill.
    • The following SMS format must be used to update details of the vehicle utilized to transport the consignment:
      1. Updating the E-way Bill Vehicle (Fixed value) –  EWBV.
      2. EWB NO stands for E-way Bill Number (12 digits).
      3. Vehicle — The vehicle that will transport the items.
      4. ReasCode – The reason for the vehicle change.


Before processing the request, the automated system would validate the bill sent by SMS. The system sends an error message to the registered mobile phone if the validations fail. The only person who may invalidate an e-way bill is the person who created it. Furthermore, the taxpayer must exercise extreme caution when transacting via SMS because the SMS must adhere to the required format and contain no data entry errors. Failure or improper e-way bill creation could result from poor data entry or format.


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