A guide to Employer Compliance under the maternity benefit Act  

Maternity Benefit Act, Employer Compliance under the maternity benefit Act, Maternity Benefits Amendment Act, 2017, Maternity Benefits, Ebizfiling

Employer Compliances under the Maternity Benefits Act Introduction The Indian Constitution mandates gender equality in the workplace, but it is not practically implemented because the majority of women are obliged to leave their occupations in order to have children and […]

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Scale Your Startup by Systematizing Your HR – A complete guide

How to Scale Your Startup, Scale Your Startup by Systematizing Your Human Resources, Human Resource Management System, Ebizfiling

Need for Human Resources in Startups and How to Scale Your Startup by Systematizing Your Human Resources? Introduction Human Resources (HR) is responsible for the smooth operation of an organisation. HR is responsible for a wide range of tasks, including […]

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PEO boosts your business – How?

PEO boosts your business, PEO , Benefits of PEO, Ebizfiling, How does PEO boost your business

How does PEO boosts your business? Introduction Small and medium-sized firms must utilize all available advantages in today’s intensely competitive world. This includes searching for ways to increase efficiencies and improve cost-effectiveness. Professional employer organizations (PEOs) offer the services that […]

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What are the Strategies for recruiting a more diverse workforce?

Recruiting a more diverse workforce, recruiting, Ebizfiling

Strategies for recruiting a more diverse workforce Introduction The discussion of diversity extends beyond performance and results in the workplace. Diversity is a worthy goal for any business to achieve. Building teams from qualified applicants of any gender, background, race, […]

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Guidelines for selecting PEO Services in India

Guidelines for selecting PEO, PEO Services in India, Professional employer organization, What is PEO, Ebizfiling

Professional Employer Organization: A guide for selecting PEO Services in India  Using a PEO creates a co-employment relationship that allows you to outsource employee benefits management, payroll processing, and other tasks while remaining compliant with local labor laws. In this […]

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What is HR Compliance Management System?

HR Compliance , HR Compliance Management, HR Compliance Management System, Ebizfiling

All you need to know about HR Compliance Management System Introduction HR compliance is important to ensure the legitimacy of your company and the safety of your employees. A dedicated Human Resources Compliance team or an assigned HR employee handles […]

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HR Consulting can help your business – How?

HR consulting, HR consultants, advantages of hiring Human Resource consultants, Ebizfiling

HR Consulting: how can it help your business? Introduction HR consulting is a service that is in demand across all types of businesses. Small businesses can present the largest market for independent HR consultants. According to the Small Business Administration, […]

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