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Removal of a Partner in a LLP – Reasons for removal of a Partners in Limited Liability Partnership  and “How to remove a partner from LLP?”

The other partners must agree first, to add or remove a partner from an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership). If partners agree, then the LLP Agreement must be changed, and the modifications must be approved by the MCA. This article emphasis on Removal of a Partner in LLP, Rights and Liabilities of a partner at the time of resignation or removal in LLP, and “How to remove a partner from LLP?” is provided.



Partners manage a Limited Liability Partnership. The partners lead the Limited Liability Partnership in the direction of its objectives and vision, from management through operation. The status of the LLP is unaffected by the addition of new partners or the removal of existing partners, but the expansion of the company and the obligations of the remaining partners are undoubtedly affected. Before going through the removal of a partner from LLP. Let’s have a quick look at “What is LLP and it’s Benefits?”

What is LLP?

A partnership in which some or all partners have limited liabilities is known as a Limited Liability Partnership. As a result, it can show traits of companies and partnerships. Each partner in an LLP is not accountable or liable for the wrongdoing or carelessness of another partner.

Removal of a Partner in LLP

In the following circumstances, an LLP Partner would automatically resign from the LLP:

  • After a partner’s death
  • Upon the termination of the LLP
  • If the partner is found to be mentally ill
  • If the Partner is declared insolvent or reclassified as such.

Unless other Partners have been notified in writing of the partner’s intention to resign or a notice has been given to the Registrar, a partner in an LLP shall be regarded as a partner.

Reasons for removal of a Partner in Limited Liability Partnership

The LLP agreement and mutual understanding are used to conduct LLP business. A partner may be terminated from an LLP for a variety of good reasons. Most LLP agreements have these clauses. Several circumstances where it is necessary to remove a partner.

  • Theft from businesses
  • Role and responsibility negligence
  • Breaking the Law
  • A scarcity of funds
  • General partner bankruptcy or insolvency
  • Change in the LLP’s project scope
  • Resignation or retirement of a partner
  • Financial data breach
  • Breaking the Trust
  • failure to fulfil duties as specified in the LLP agreement

Rights and Liabilities of a partner at the time of resignation or removal in LLP

If any Partner leaves the LLP for one of the aforementioned reasons or by death, he or she may exercise the rights and obligations of a Partner set forth below.

  • A partner is entitled to his profit shares for work he does before resignation or removal.
  • A partner will be held accountable for any actions taken by him before his resignation or removal.
  • An associate may assign his rights to the other associates.
  • An associate may distribute his assets to the other associates.

How to remove a partner from LLP?

After conducting a meeting with the partner, the partner must pass a written resolution. By means of this resolution, partners give one another the authority to represent LLP & firm in court.

  • Execute Resolution on LLP’s Letterhead,
  • Details about the subject matter Resolution of needed Signature of current partners and,
  • Authorized partners Affix Stamp of LLP.

Amendment in LLP Agreement

According to the LLP Act of 2008, the LLP Agreement serves as the basis for conducting business. In the event that a partner is removed or resigns, this document must be changed, and the proper filing must be completed. This agreement details the partner who is quitting, the terms of quitting, the resignation’s effective date, and other information. Both the removing and the remaining partners must sign this document. LLPs must have a minimum of two designated partners in order to conduct business.

  • It should provide terms and conditions for partner dismissal.
  • A Supplemental agreement may be used to update an existing LLP agreement.
  • This agreement may be signed on INR 100 stamp paper if there is no change in capital.
  • If the LLP’s capital contribution changes, the provisions of the Stamp Act will apply to the bond value.

This supplemental agreement must be signed by both the remaining and departing partners.

Filing of LLP Form 4

Form 4 was provided to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for notifying LLPs of partner changes. The form must be submitted online in a PDF. A practicing chartered accountant or CMA company secretary certification form is necessary.

Attachments to the LLP Form 4

  • Acceptance of the role of partner or designated partner
  • Partner Authorization Resolution
  • Letter of consent from the departing or retiring partner Additional optional attachments

After the completion of a supplemental agreement for partner withdrawal. This agreement must be presented to MCA within 30 days. This requires authorization from a practicing chartered accountant or the CMA’s company secretariat. LLP is responsible for penalties for failing to file Form LLP 4 with MCA, only if it fails to do so within the allotted time frame.


It is imperative for the partners to make amendments to the LLP Agreement and notify the MCA if a partner wishes to voluntarily resign or is resigned by other partners in an LLP. It is important for the partner to file Form 4 for the removal of a Partner, as well as to mentioned information related to the removal of a partner in the LLP Agreement.

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