Things not to do when using a Corporate Identity Number (CIN) for a Company


Running a business demands attention to numerous intricate details, and one of the most critical aspects is the unique Corporate Identity Number (CIN). This CIN number is a significant identifier for any company, serving as proof of its legal existence. When it comes to using CIN, there are certain mistakes that you should avoid to ensure that you are using it correctly. In this blog, we will discuss what is the structure of a CIN number, what is the CIN of a Company, what is the CIN number and where is it used, and how to get a CIN number.

What is the Structure of the CIN Number?  

The CIN is a unique 21-digit alphanumeric code that is assigned to companies by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The structure of the CIN number is as follows:

  • The first 2 digits of the CIN number represent the company’s identity.
  • The next two digits of the CIN number represent the state in which the company is registered.
  • The next six digits represent the type of company.
  • The next two digits represent the registration year of the company.
  • The next three digits represent the registration number of the company.
  • The last six digits represent the sequential number of the company.

What is the CIN of a Company?

The CIN of a company serves as its unique identity, acting as a fingerprint that sets it apart from other businesses. This number is assigned during the company’s registration process with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) in India. It plays a critical role in enabling authorities and stakeholders to identify and authenticate the company’s records and activities.

What is the CIN Number and Where is it Used?  

The CIN number is a unique identification number that is assigned to companies by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The CIN number is used to identify the company and is required for various legal and regulatory purposes. The CIN number is used in the following places:

  • On the company’s website
  • On the company’s letterhead
  • On the company’s invoices
  • On the company’s bank account
  • On the company’s statutory documents

How to get the CIN number?

The following are the stages to acquiring a CIN once you’ve decided what type of business you wish to start:

What is the structure of CIN number?, What is the CIN of a Company, What is the CIN number and where is it used?, how do get CIN number, Ebizfiling.What mistakes to avoid when using a CIN?

The following are the mistakes to avoid when using CIN:

  1. Inaccurate Information Submission: Providing incorrect or incomplete information during the registration process can lead to discrepancies in the CIN, which might result in legal and operational complications down the line. Therefore, it’s crucial to double-check and verify all the details before submission.

  1. Neglecting Timely Updates: Failing to update the CIN information in case of any changes or modifications in the company’s structure or activities can lead to discrepancies between the official records and the actual operations. Regularly updating the CIN details is essential to maintain compliance and transparency.

  1. Mishandling Confidential Data: Mishandling or sharing the CIN information of a Company without proper authorization can lead to security breaches and potential legal repercussions. It’s crucial to handle this sensitive data with the utmost confidentiality and implement robust security measures to protect it from unauthorized access or misuse.

  1. Ignoring Compliance Requirements: Neglecting the regulatory and compliance requirements associated with the CIN can result in penalties and legal liabilities. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest regulatory changes and ensure strict adherence to the applicable laws and guidelines.

  1. Lack of Document Verification: Failing to verify the authenticity of the documents submitted during the CIN application process can lead to the inclusion of incorrect or forged information, undermining the credibility and legitimacy of the company. Implementing a thorough document verification process is vital to maintain the integrity of the CIN.


In conclusion, the Corporate Identity Number (CIN) is a unique 21-digit alphanumeric code that is assigned to companies by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The CIN number is used to identify the company and is required for various legal and regulatory purposes. To get the CIN number for a Company Registration in India, you need to register your company with the MCA. While using CIN, you should avoid certain mistakes to ensure that you are using it correctly and avoid any legal or regulatory issues.

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