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Information on CIN Number for Company and “How to check CIN number?”

In this blog information such as CIN number for Company, what is CIN number, how to check CIN number, and other relevant information on Corporate Identification Number is included. A Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is a unique identification number provided to firms registered in India by the Registrar of Companies (ROC). The CIN is given to firms by the ROC after they receive their Registration Certificate. The CIN is significant because every company must provide this unique number in all forms filed to the MCA, including audits and other reports.


What is CIN Number?

The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is a 21-digit alpha-numeric code granted to firms incorporated in India after being registered with the ROC in various states across the country under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

All companies registered in India are given a CIN, below are some of the examples

  • OPC (One Person Company)

  • Nidhi Company

  • Private Limited Company

  • State Government Companies

  • Section 8 Company, and others

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) registered in India, on the other hand, do not receive a CIN. The LLPIN (Limited Liability Partnership Identifying Number) is a unique 7-digit identification number assigned by the ROC to LLPs.

Explanation on 21 digit CIN Number

Section 1

The first character of a CIN indicates whether a firm is “Listed” or “Unlisted” on the Indian stock exchange. In other words, the first character denotes whether the company is listed on the stock exchange. If a firm is listed, the CIN will begin with the letter ‘L,’ and if it is not listed, it will begin with the letter ‘U.’

Section 2

The following set of five numeric digits categorizes a company’s economic activity or the industry to which the company belongs. This classification is based on the type of economic activity that such an establishment would engage in. Every category or industry has been assigned a number by the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs).

Section 3

The next two letters identify the Indian state in which the business is registered. For example, GJ stands for Gujarat, MH for Maharashtra, KA for Karnataka, and so on. It functions similarly to an automobile registration number.

Section 4

The following set of four numeric digits represents the year in which a company was founded.

Section 5

The company categorization is represented by the following three letters. These three letters indicate whether a business is a private limited or a public limited firm. If the CIN number is FTC, it indicates that the firm is a subsidiary of a foreign company, while GOI indicates that the company is owned by the Indian government.

Section 6 

The registration number supplied by the respective ROC (Registrar of Companies) is represented by the remaining six numeric digits.

Importance of CIN Number for Company

The 21-digit CIN has its unique significance that is simply understandable and aids in the discovery of fundamental corporate information. It’s utilized to get the basic information on companies that are registered under the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) in the country.


CIN (Corporate Identification Number) is required to be provided on all transactions with the respective ROC (Registrar of Companies)  and is used to trace all aspects and operations of a company starting with its establishment by the ROC.


CIN number can be used to identify or trace organizations for various levels of information held by MCA/ROC. The CIN contains an organization’s identity as well as extra information about the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

Procedure for obtaining CIN Number for Company

The following are the stages to acquiring a CIN once you’ve decided what type of business you wish to start

In addition, the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) will assess and approve the company’s application after receiving the company’s incorporation forms. The CIN is assigned after all of the information in the application has been validated.

FAQs on Corporate Identification Number

1. Is there a difference between the CIN and the registration number?

The registration number of the firm issued by the Registrar of Companies is the last six numbers of the CIN number. CIN is not used by LLPs. LLPIN is a number assigned to limited liability partnerships. In addition, a company’s CIN and GSTIN will not be the same.

2. What is the procedure for changing your CIN number?

The CIN number cannot be changed; however, it will change automatically if the company’s listed status, registered office location, or industry changes.

3. Is the CIN and GST the same thing?

No. A CIN is a unique number assigned to registered businesses by the Registrar of Companies at the time the certificate of incorporation is issued. GSTIN, on the other hand, is a unique number assigned to companies and businesses that have registered under the GST (Goods and Service Tax) statute. As a result, they are distinct and serve distinct purposes.

4. When must the CIN be entered on the Reserve Unique Name?

Only when a firm wishes to change its name and is utilizing the Reserve Unique Number to reserve the new name of an existing company does the CIN have to be entered.

5. How can I find out if a firm is listed on a stock exchange based on its CIN?

 The first letter of a company’s CIN indicates whether it is listed or not, with L indicating that the company is listed and U indicating that the company has not been listed in the stock market.


A Business Registration Number, commonly known as a CIN (Corporate Identification Number), is a unique identification number provided by the ROC (Registrar of Companies). Simply put, a CIN is a unique code that contains a company’s identification number as well as additional information about its operations.

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