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What is the impact of GST Cancellation on Business?


The cancellation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration or GSTIN (GST Identification Number) can have a significant impact on businesses operating within the GST framework. In this article, we will discuss the impact of the cancellation of GST registration on business on various aspects of business operations, including compliance, taxation, input tax credit, and overall functioning.

What is GST Cancellation?

Cancellation of Goods and Service Tax registration in India simply means that the taxpayer will not be a GST-registered person anymore. The taxpayer will neither have to pay/collect GST nor file any GST Return with The GST Department.

Who can cancel GST Registration?

GST registration can be canceled by the following individuals or entities:

  • The registered person has the authority to cancel their GST registration.

  • A GST officer has the power to cancel the GST registration of a taxpayer.

  • In the event of the registered person’s death, the legal heir can apply for the cancellation of GST registration through an application.

  • Individuals who have applied for voluntary GST registrations have the option to request to call off their registration even before the expiry of one year from the date of initial GST registration.

What are the reasons for the cancellation of GST registration?

  • Closure of business

  • Transfer of ownership

  • Non-compliance with GST rules

  • Cessation of Taxable Activities

What are the impacts of GST cancellation in India on Businesses?

The following is the impact of GST cancellation in India on businesses:

  1. Compliance and Legal Obligations

Cancellation of GST registration relieves the business from the responsibility of complying with GST regulations. The business will no longer be required to file regular GST returns, maintain records, or undergo periodic audits. However, it is important to note that all compliance requirements must be fulfilled until the cancellation becomes effective, including the filing of pending returns and settling any outstanding tax liabilities.

  1. Tax Liabilities and Payments:

Cancellation of GST registration means that it will no longer be a registered person under GST and will not have to pay/collect any GST. Before the cancellation becomes effective, the business must clear all outstanding tax obligations, including filing pending GST returns and settling tax payments. Failure to fulfill these obligations may result in penalties, interest, or other legal consequences.

  1. Input Tax Credit (ITC)

Cancellation of GST registration impacts the business’s ability to claim an input tax credit (ITC) on purchases made for business purposes. The input GST Cancellation tax credit allows businesses to claim credit for the GST paid on inputs (purchases) against the GST liability on outputs (sales). After cancellation, the business will no longer be eligible to claim ITC. However, any unclaimed input tax credit can be availed within a specified period from the canceled date, subject to prescribed conditions.

  1. Supply Chain and Business Relationships

Cancellation of GST registration can impact the business’s relationships with suppliers, buyers, and other stakeholders in the supply chain. Suppliers may no longer be able to issue valid GST invoices to the canceled GSTIN, affecting the business’s ability to claim credits or deductions. It is crucial to inform suppliers, buyers, and other relevant parties about the wind-up to ensure a smooth transition and avoid disruptions in the supply chain.

  1. Business Expansion and Future Considerations

Cancellation of GST registration may affect the business’s ability to expand or undertake certain transactions. For instance, businesses planning to engage in interstate trade or avail of specific GST benefits or exemptions would need to reapply for registration under the appropriate category. It is important to evaluate future business requirements and consider the implications of cancellation before making the decision.


The cancellation of GST registration or GSTIN has several implications for businesses, including changes in compliance requirements, tax liabilities, input tax credit availability, and relationships with stakeholders. It is essential for businesses to understand these impacts and take necessary steps to fulfill their obligations, communicate with relevant parties, and plan for future business needs to ensure a smooth transition after take back.

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