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Trademark Transfer / Trademark Assignment in India

What Is a Trademark?

A Trademark is an intellectual property, even as a substantial material good like land. A righteous like an title-holder of go ashore has the right to put up for sale or assign his/her property, in the equivalent way, the possessor of a brand name in addition has the right to carry out the transfer / assignment to his/her trademark.


Every title-holder of a trademark proprietor who requests to remove his/her exactly with stare to its brand name knows how to resolve as a result what’s more by mark licensing or brand name assignment which is governed under the Trademark Act, 1999.


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Trademark Assignment

In regular words, a trademark assignment is a method through which ownership and civil rights of the mark are transferred to any other person. A trademark assignment takes position between the parties merely after executing a treaty called Trademark Assignment Agreement. Moreover, the half-done assignment of a make is notorious as brand licensing.

Types of Trademark Assignment

 Following are the types of Trademark Assignments

Types of Trademark Assignment, Trademark Assignment, Trademark Transfer, How to transfer Trademark, How to assign Trademark?, Process of Trademark assignment, Ebizfiling

Let’s see the detailed explanation of the types of Trademark Assignment:

Complete Assignment

In such a form of assignment, fulfilling constitutional rights are transferred to the second party in reference to the registered trademark. The proprietor of the trademark in this assignment transfers the entire human rights to the other personality to earn royalties out of it. The possessor of the make will not hold any fine on the trademark, after he transfers the brand through a treaty to the second party.

Partial Assignment

In the crate of Partial assignment, the ownership of the brand name is transferred merely in touch to some products/services as pre-decided by the parties through the Trademark Assignment Agreement. In this case, the landlord of the brand could keep hold of only some of the civil rights and curb the relocation of trademark to known products and services

Assignment with Goodwill

In this group of Trademark Assignments, the title-holder of the brand transfers the human rights of make in add-on to the quantity of the brand linked with it. As soon as the assignment with goodwill takes place, the rights and the values of the trademark are provided to the second party.

Assignment without Goodwill

Popularly known as Gross Assignment. In such an Assignment, the holder of the brand, at the same time as transferring the trademark, restricts the sincere of the buyer to exercise such a trademark for the artefact which is before now existence second-hand by the primary owner.  Hence, any helpfulness fond of such an identification with sense to the effect before now existence sold under such a label is not transferred to the buyer.

Process Of Trademark Transfer

1.Trademark transfers are handy through assignment agreements. A call to transfer, or ‘assign’, a brand name bottle undoubtedly be ended by filing TM-24 with the Registrar of Trademarks.


2. When a brand name or Trademark is assigned by an title-holder to any more party, its ownership is conferred upon the other party, both absolutely (with goodwill) or for a partial figure of goods or army (without goodwill). It by and large involves a one-time payment. Such an deal (often called an assignment deed) canister be signed stable if the brand name is unregistered; creative designers, for example, are repeatedly asked to assign ownership of the exert yourself to the being that commissioned it. Registered trademarks are to be assigned, of course. In in cooperation cases, the assignee requirement join to the Registrar in six months.


3. A registration which is filed under Rule 68 has to hold complete essentials of the instrument, if any, under which the applicant claims to be at liberty to the trade mark. This instrument, or at slightest a skilled fake of the same, has to be submitted at the Trademarks Registry for inspection. The Registrar may entail and keep hold of an attested facsimile of any instrument bent for inspection in attestation of title.


4. As future as unregistered trademarks are concerned, Rule 39 states that an unregistered brand name may be assigned or transmitted with or without the benevolence of the corporate concerned. A demand for the equal has got to be prepared through materializing TM-16 for an unregistered make to be assigned or transferred.

Documents Required For Trademark Transfer

  • Trademark Assignment Agreement
  • Identified documents of both assignor and assignee.
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trademark certificate
  • NOC from the owner

Advantages of Trademark Transfer

1. Security for assignor and assignee

To have available on an open and fair trademark assignment, a Trademark Assignment settlement is executed between mutually the parties that include the assignor and the assignee. Such officially permitted concurrence acts as a legal testimony and is allowable as an prove in court, in casing any dispute arises between mutually the parties. Thus, it secures the constitutional rights of equally the assignor and assignee.

2. Expansion of Business

Collaboration to the brand by both assignors and assignees helps in the expansion of the business. It will make sure that the business is expanded in every possible way it can.

3. Pre-established Brand

You can work with pre-established brand which will save your time, hard work, labour, and lot of capital. Assign is not required to create a new brand and then work on it.

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Hence, The assignment of Trademark involves a talented arrangement from the share out of in cooperation assignor and assignee. The brand name assignment opens a destiny of opportunities for the parties allowing the assignee to get a hold right of entry over the trade name with consent of the real McCoy owner. Farther, brand assignment keeps the brand name alive.


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