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All You Need To Know About GST Registration for OIDAR Service Providers


OIDAR services, which stands for Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval services, refer to services delivered through the internet or electronic networks with minimal human intervention. With the rapid growth of cloud technology and software-as-a-service (SaaS) products in India, a wide range of services falls under the classification of OIDAR services. This article aims to provide an overview of OIDAR services and their impact on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India.

What are OIDAR Services?

OIDAR services are defined under the Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) Act as services delivered through information technology over the internet or electronic networks, with minimal human intervention. These services are automated and impossible to ensure without the use of technology. Some examples of OIDAR services include online advertising, cloud services, e-book and digital content distribution, data storage, online gaming, and more.

GST Registration for OIDAR Service Providers

All businesses that provide OIDAR services, whether they are based in India or outside the country, must register for GST in India, regardless of their total income. OIDAR service providers are classified under different categories that require them to register for GST. This includes businesses that offer services across different states, those operating in electronic commerce, and non-resident service providers. So, even if you are a service provider located outside India but offering services to Indian residents, you still need to register for GST.

GST Registration Process for OIDAR Service Providers

The filing requirements for OIDAR service providers depend on their place of business, whether within or outside India.

GST Registration for OIDAR service providers located in India:

  • Log in to the GST common portal: Access the GST common portal ( which is the official website for GST registration and other related services.

  • Create a GST account: If you do not have an account on the GST portal, create one by providing the required details such as name, contact information, and email address.

  • Access the registration form: Log in to your GST account and navigate to the registration section to access the registration form.

  • Fill in the details: Complete the registration form by providing accurate information about your OIDAR services, business details, and contact information. Ensure that all mandatory fields are filled.

  • Upload documents: Attach the necessary supporting documents, such as copies of the promoter’s valid passport, tax identification number or unique identification number issued by the foreign government, or PAN.

  • Submit the application: Review the information provided and submit the GST registration application through the portal.

For OIDAR service providers located outside India:

  • Obtain Form GST REG-10: Download Form GST REG-10 from the GST common portal or obtain it from the authorized sources.

  • Complete the form: Fill in the required details in Form GST REG-10, including information about your OIDAR services, business details, and contact information.

  • Attach supporting documents: Prepare the necessary documents, such as a self-attested copy of the promoter’s valid passport and tax identification number or unique identification number issued by the foreign government or PAN.

  • Appoint a representative: If you do not have a physical presence in India, appoint a representative who will handle your GST registration, return filing, and compliance obligations on your behalf.

  • Submit the application: Electronically submit the completed Form GST REG-10 along with the supporting documents through the GST common portal.

  • Timeline: Ensure that the GST registration application is submitted at least five days before the commencement of your business operations in India.

It is advisable to follow up with the GST authorities and monitor the status of your application periodically. Once the registration is approved, you will receive a GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number), which will be required for GST compliance activities such as return filing and tax payments.

GST Return Filing Requirements for OIDAR Service Providers

The GST filing requirements for OIDAR service providers depend on their place of business, whether within or outside India.

  • For OIDAR service providers located in India: The filing process involves submitting GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3, and annual GST returns, similar to regular taxpayers. The due dates for these returns should be followed according to the GST regulations.

  • OIDAR service providers located outside India: They must file Form GSTR-5A on or before the 20th of each month. To ensure compliance with GST, these service providers should appoint a representative in India to handle return filing and other compliance requirements.

Form GSTR-5A is a simplified form that requires details of taxable outward supplies made to consumers in India, including the place of supply, tax rates, taxable value, and IGST. Additionally, it includes sections for the calculation and payment of interest, penalties, and other amounts payable.

Reverse Charge for OIDAR Services

Reverse charge for OIDAR services is a way of handling the payment of taxes in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system. Normally, the service provider collects and pays the taxes, but


In conclusion, OIDAR services have become increasingly prevalent in India due to advancements in cloud technology. Understanding the impact of GST on OIDAR service providers is crucial for compliance with tax regulations. By obtaining GST registration and fulfilling GST return filing requirements, OIDAR service providers can navigate the legal obligations associated with providing their services in India. Compliance with GST regulations ensures a smooth and transparent tax system for OIDAR service providers and contributes to the overall growth and development of the digital economy.

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