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GST LUT vs. Bond: Which One is More Suitable for Your Business


In the realm of tax compliance, businesses in many countries encounter various procedures and requirements. In India, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has revolutionized the tax landscape, streamlining multiple indirect taxes into one comprehensive system. As part of GST compliance, businesses may need to furnish certain guarantees to the authorities, such as a Letter of Undertaking (LUT) or a Bond. These instruments enable businesses to avail of certain benefits and exemptions under GST. In this article, we will explore the concepts of GST LUT and Bond, highlighting their differences and helping you determine which option is more suitable for your business.

What is GST LUT?

A Letter of Undertaking (LUT) is a legal document filed by a registered GST taxpayer to export goods or services without paying integrated tax (IGST). It acts as a guarantee to the government that the business will comply with all export-related requirements and fulfill its tax obligations. The LUT simplifies the export process by eliminating the need to pay upfront taxes and then claim refunds later, which can lead to cash flow challenges.

What is a Bond?

A Bond, on the other hand, is a financial guarantee provided by the exporter to the customs department, assuring that any potential tax liabilities will be paid promptly. Under GST, businesses may be required to furnish a Bond if they do not qualify for or choose not to opt for the LUT facility. The Bond ensures that the government has recourse to recover any unpaid taxes or other dues.

What are the Differences between GST LUT and Bond?

To better understand the distinctions between GST LUT and Bond, let’s examine their key differences in the following table:





Exporting goods/services without paying IGST

Assuring payment of potential tax liabilities


Available to eligible registered taxpayers

Required for businesses not eligible for LUT

Application Process

Filing an online LUT form with the GST department

Submission of a Bond to the customs department

Financial Obligation

No financial outlay or deposit required

Financial guarantee involving a deposit or bank guarantee

Validity Period

One financial year (generally April to March)

As determined by the customs department

Compliance Monitoring

Self-monitoring with regular GST compliance

Regular scrutiny by customs and tax authorities

Penalty for Non-Compliance

GST liability, interest, and penalties

Forfeiture of the Bond amount and potential legal consequences

Administrative Overhead

Minimal paperwork and compliance requirements

Extensive paperwork and record-keeping obligations



Both GST LUT and Bond are mechanisms designed to facilitate businesses in their export activities while ensuring compliance with GST regulations. The choice between LUT and Bond depends on the eligibility of the taxpayer and their specific requirements. GST LUT offers a convenient option for eligible taxpayers by enabling them to export goods and services without upfront payment of IGST, thereby minimizing cash flow challenges. On the other hand, a Bond provides assurance to the customs department regarding the payment of taxes, making it a viable alternative for businesses not eligible for or opting not to use the LUT facility.

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