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Products and services are Classified by according to specific categories (also called Classes). Trademarks have to be applied or registered under such specific class or classes as may be applicable. Herewith we are presenting an all inclusive guide to Class 40 of the Trademark Classification!

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Trademark Class 40

Trademark Class 40 pertains to Treatment of materials

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Comprehensive list of goods classified under Trademark Class 40.

  • Food and beverage treatment
  • Custom manufacture and assembly services [to be specified by user]
  • Energy production Treatment and transformation of materials [to be specified by user]
  • Printing, and photographic and cinematographic development
  • Duplication of audio and video recordings
  • Air and water conditioning and purification
  • Slaughtering;
  • And rental, hire and leasing in connection with the aforesaid, included in the class; and advice, consultancy and information for the aforesaid, included in the class.
Abrasion Freezing of foods Planing [saw mill]
Air purification Fruit crushing Pottery firing / firing pottery
Air deodorising Fulling of cloth Printing
Air freshening Fur conditioning Processing of cinematographic films
Rental of air conditioning apparatus Fur mothproofing Processing of oil
Applying finishes to textiles Fur glossing Quilting
Blacksmithing Fur satining Recycling of waste and trash
Boilermaking Fur dyeing Refining services
Rental of boilers Galvanization Saddlery working
Bookbinding Rental of generators Sandblasting services
Burnishing by abrasion Gilding Sawing [saw mill]
Cadmium plating Glass-blowing Shoe staining
Chromium plating Gold plating Silkscreen printing
Cloth edging Grinding Silver plating
Cloth cutting Incineration of waste and trash Skin dressing
Cloth waterproofing / fabric waterproofing Key cutting Slaughtering of animals
Cloth fireproofing / fabric fireproofing / textile fireproofing Knitting machine rental Soldering
Cloth dyeing Laminating Sorting of waste and recyclable material [transformation]
Cloth pre-shrinking Laser scribing Rental of space heating apparatus
Clothing alteration Leather staining Stripping finishes
Colour separation services Leather working Tanning
Crease-resistant treatment for clothing Lithographic printing Taxidermy
Cryopreservation services Magnetization Textile dyeing
Custom fashioning of fur Metal plating Textile treating / cloth treating
Custom tailoring Metal treating Textile mothproofing
Custom assembling of materials for others Metal tempering Timber felling and processing
Decontamination of hazardous materials Metal casting Tin plating
Services of a dental technician Millworking Material treatment information
Destruction of waste and trash Nickel plating Upcycling [waste recycling]
Dressmaking Offset printing Vulcanization [material treatment]
Dyeing services Optical glass grinding Warping [looms]
Electroplating Paper finishing Waste treatment [transformation]
Embroidery services Paper treating Water treating
Production of energy Pattern printing Welding services
Fabric bleaching Permanent-press treatment of fabrics Window tinting treatment, being surface coating
Flour milling Photocomposing services Woodworking
Food smoking Photographic film development Wool treating
Food and drink preservation Photographic printing
Framing of works of art Photogravure

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