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Products and services are classified by according to specific categories (also called Classes). Trademarks have to be applied or registered under such class or classes as may be applicable. Herewith, we are presenting an all-inclusive guide to Class 1 of the Trademark Classification!

Trademark Class 1

Trademark Class 1 pertains to Chemicals used in industry, science, and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry, unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics, Manures, Fire extinguishing compositions, Tempering and soldering preparations, Chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs, Tanning substances, Adhesives used in industry.

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Comprehensive list of goods classified under Trademark Class 1.

  • Chemical preparations and materials for film, photography and printing
  • Unprocessed plastics
  • Adhesives for use in industry
  • Growing media, fertilizers and chemicals for use in agriculture, horticulture and forestry
  • Detergents for use in manufacture and industry
  • Chemical substances, chemical materials and chemical preparations, and natural elements
  • Salts for industrial purposes
  • Unprocessed artificial and synthetic resins
  • Starches for use in manufacturing and industry
  • Putties, and fillers and pastes for use in industry
  • Chemical and organic compositions for use in the manufacture of food and beverages
  • Filtering media of chemical and non-chemical substances included in the class 

A Detailed list of goods classified under Trademark Class 1:


Acetate of cellulose, unprocessed Degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes / grease-removing preparations for use in manufacturing processes Oil-separating chemicals
Acetates [chemicals] Dehydrating preparations for industrial purposes Oils for tanning leather
Acetic anhydride Detergent additives to petrol [gasoline] / detergent additives to gasoline / detergent additives to gasoline [petrol] Oils for preparing leather in the course of manufacture
Acetone Detergents for use in manufacturing processes Oils for currying leather
Acetylene tetrachloride Dextrin [size] Oils for the preservation of food
Acetylene Diagnostic preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes Oleic acid
Acid proof chemical compositions Diastase for industrial purposes Olivine [silicate mineral]
Acids Diatomaceous earth Opacifiers for glass
Acidulated water for recharging batteries Diazo paper Opacifiers for enamel
Acidulated water for recharging accumulators Disincrustants Oxalates
Acrylic resins, unprocessed Dispersions of plastics Oxalic acid
Actinium Preparations of the distillation of wood alcohol Oxygen
Activated carbon / activated charcoal Distilled water Palladium chloride
Additives, chemical, to motor fuel / chemical additives to motor fuel Dolomite for industrial purposes Paper pulp
Additives, chemical, to drilling muds/chemical additives to drilling muds Drilling muds Peat [fertiliser]
Additives, chemical, to insecticides/chemical additives to insecticides Dry ice [carbon dioxide] Peat pots for horticulture
Additives, chemical, to fungicides/chemical additives to fungicides Dysprosium Pectin for industrial purposes
Adhesive preparations for surgical bandages Earth for growing Pectin for the food industry
Adhesives for industrial purposes Electrophoresis gels, other than for medical or veterinary purposes Pectin [photography]
Adhesives for billposting Emollients for industrial purposes Perborate of soda
Adhesives for paperhanging/adhesives for wallpaper Emulsifiers Percarbonates
Adhesives for wall tiles Enamel-staining chemicals Perchlorates
Agar-agar Engine-decarbonising chemicals/chemical preparations for decarbonizing engines Persulfates
Agglutinants for concrete Enzyme preparations for industrial purposes Persulfuric acid
Agricultural chemicals, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides Enzyme preparations for the food industry Petroleum dispersants
Albumenized paper Enzymes for industrial purposes Phenol for industrial purposes
Albumin [animal or vegetable, raw material] Enzymes for the food industry Compositions for the manufacture of phonograph records
Alcohol* Epoxy resins, unprocessed Phosphates [fertilisers]
Aldehydes* Erbium Phosphatides
Alginates for industrial purposes Esters* Phosphoric acid
Alginates for the food industry Ethane Phosphorus
Alkalies Ethers* Photographic paper
Alkaline metals Ethyl alcohol Photographic emulsions
Alkaline iodides for industrial purposes Ethyl ether Photographic developers
Alkaline-earth metals Europium Photographic sensitizers
Alkaloids* Expanded clay for hydroponic plant growing [substrate] Photometric paper
Alum Fat-bleaching chemicals Photosensitive plates
Alumina Fatty acids Picric acid
Aluminium iodide Ferments for chemical purposes Plant growth regulating preparations
Aluminium chloride Fermium Plasticizers
Aluminium silicate Ferrocyanides Plastics, unprocessed
Aluminium hydrate Ferrotype plates [photography] Plastisols
Aluminium alum Fertilizers / manure for agriculture Plutonium
Aluminium acetate* Fertilizing preparations Polish removing substances / substances for removing polish
Americium Filtering materials [vegetable substances] Polonium
Ammonia* Filtering materials [mineral substances] Potash water
Ammonia alum Filtering materials [unprocessed plastics] Potash
Ammonia [volatile alkali] for industrial purposes / volatile alkali [ammonia] for industrial purposes Filtering preparations for the beverages industry Potassium
Ammoniacal salts Filtering materials [chemical preparations] Potassium dioxalate
Ammonium salts Finishing preparations for use in the manufacture of steel Potato flour for industrial purposes
Ammonium aldehyde Fire extinguishing compositions Potting soil
Amyl alcohol Fireproofing preparations Power steering fluid
Amyl acetate Fish meal fertilizers Praseodymium
Anhydrides Fissionable chemical elements Preparations for stimulating cooking for industrial purposes
Anhydrous ammonia Fissionable material for nuclear energy Preservatives for tiles, except paints and oils
Animal carbon preparations Fixing solutions [photography] Preservatives for pharmaceutical preparations
Animal carbon Fixing baths [photography] Substances for preventing runs in stockings
Animal albumen [raw material] Flashlight preparations Preparations for preventing the tarnishing of glass
Animal charcoal Flocculants Preparations for preventing the tarnishing of lenses
Metal annealing preparations Flour for industrial purposes By-products of the processing of cereals for industrial purposes
Anthranilic acid Flower preservatives Promethium
Anti-boil preparations for engine coolants Flowers of sulfur for chemical purposes Propellant gases for aerosols
Anti-frothing solutions for batteries / anti-frothing solutions for accumulators Fluids for hydraulic circuits / liquids for hydraulic circuits Protactinium
Anti-incrustants Fluorine Protective gases for welding
Anti-knock substances for internal combustion engines Fluorspar compounds Protein [raw material]
Anti-sprouting preparations for vegetables Formic aldehyde for chemical purposes Pyrogallic acid
Anti-tarnishing chemicals for windows Formic acid Quebracho for industrial purposes
Antifreeze Foundry sand Radiator flushing chemicals
Antimony sulfide Foundry molding [moulding] preparations / foundry moulding preparations / foundry molding preparations Radioactive elements for scientific purposes
Antimony oxide Foundry binding substances Radium for scientific purposes
Antimony Francium Radon
Antistatic preparations, other than for household purposes Fuel for atomic piles Rare earths
Argon Fuel-saving preparations Reagent paper, other than for medical or veterinary purposes
Arsenic Fuller’s earth for use in the textile industry Reducing agents for use in photography
Arsenious acid Fulling preparations Refrigerants
Artificial sweeteners [chemical preparations] Fulling preparations for use in the textile industry Renovating preparations for phonograph records
Artificial resins, unprocessed Gadolinium Compositions for repairing tires [tyres] / tire repairing compositions / tyre repairing compositions
Astatine Gallic acid for the manufacture of ink Compositions for repairing inner tubes of tires [tyres]
Automobile body fillers / car body fillers / fillers for car bodies / fillers for automobile bodies Gallium Rhenium
Auxiliary fluids for use with abrasives Gallnuts Rock salt
Bacterial preparations other than for medical and veterinary use Gallotannic acid Rubber preservatives
Bacteriological preparations for acetification Galvanizing baths / baths for galvanizing Rubidium
Bacteriological preparations other than for medical and veterinary use Galvanizing preparations Saccharin
Balm of gurjun [gurjon, gurjan] for making varnish Gambier Sal ammoniac
Barium compounds Gas purifying preparations / preparations for the purification of gas Sal ammoniac spirits
Barium Gelatine for industrial purposes Salicylic acid
Barium sulfate Gelatine for photographic purposes Salt, raw
Baryta paper Genes of seeds for agricultural production Salt for preserving, other than for foodstuffs
Baryta Getters [chemically active substances] Saltpeter / salpetre
Barytes Glass-frosting chemicals Salts [fertilisers]
Bases [chemical preparations] Glass-staining chemicals Salts [chemical preparations]
Basic gallate of bismuth Glaziers’ putty Salts for industrial purposes
Bate for dressing skins / dressing, except oils, for skins Glucose for the food industry Salts of precious metals for industrial purposes
Bauxite Glucose for industrial purposes Salts for galvanic cells / salts for galvanic batteries
Beer preserving agents Glucosides Salts for coloring [colouring] metal / salts for colouring metal / salts for coloring metal
Beer-clarifying and preserving agents Glue for industrial purposes Salts from rare earth metals
Bentonite Glutamic acid for industrial purposes Salts of alkaline metals
Benzene derivatives Gluten for industrial purposes Samarium
Benzene-based acids Gluten for the food industry Sauce for preparing tobacco
Benzoic sulfimide Gluten [glue], other than for stationery or household purposes Scale removing preparations, other than for household purposes
Benzoic acid Glutinous tree-grafting preparations / glutinous preparations for tree-grafting / glutinous preparations for tree-banding / glutinous tree-banding preparations Scandium
Berkelium Glycerides Seawater for industrial purposes
Bicarbonate of soda for chemical purposes Glycerine for industrial purposes Seaweeds [fertilizers]
Bichloride of tin Glycol Sebacic acid
Bichromate of soda Glycol ether Seed preserving substances
Bichromate of potassium Gold salts Selenium
Biochemical catalysts Grafting wax for trees Self-toning paper [photography]
Biological tissue cultures other than for medical or veterinary purposes Grafting mastic for trees Sensitized paper
Biological preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes Graphite for industrial purposes Sensitized cloth for photography
Birdlime Guano Sensitized photographic plates
Bismuth Gum tragacanth for industrial purposes Sensitized plates for offset printing
Bismuth subnitrate for chemical purposes Gum arabic for industrial purposes Sensitized films, unexposed
Blood charcoal Gum solvents / degumming preparations Separating and unsticking [ungluing] preparations / ungluing preparations / unsticking and separating preparations
Blue vitriol / copper sulfate [blue vitriol] Gums [adhesives], other than for stationery or household purposes Preparations for the separation of greases
Blueprint paper Metal hardening preparations Silicates
Blueprint cloth Heavy water Silicon
Bone charcoal Helium Silicones
Borax Holmium Silver salt solutions for silvering
Boric acid for industrial purposes Hormones for hastening the ripening of fruit Silver nitrate
Brake fluid Horticultural chemicals, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides Size for finishing and priming
Brazing preparations Humus top dressing Size for use in the textile industry
Brazing fluxes Humus Sizing preparations
Brickwork preservatives, except paints and oils Hydrates Slag [fertilisers]
Bromine for chemical purposes Hydrazine Soap [metallic] for industrial purposes
Caesium Hydrochlorates Soda ash
Calcined soda Hydrochloric acid Sodium
Calcium carbide Hydrofluoric acid Sodium salts [chemical compounds]
Calcium salts Hydrogen peroxide / dioxide of hydrogen Soil conditioning preparations
Calcium cyanamide [fertilizer] Hydrogen Soldering chemicals / welding chemicals
Californium Hypochlorite of soda Soldering fluxes
Camphor, for industrial purposes Hyposulfites Solidified gases for industrial purposes
Carbide Industrial chemicals Solvents for varnishes
Carbolineum for the protection of plants Iodic acid Soot for industrial or agricultural purposes
Carbon for filters Iodine for industrial purposes Sorrel salt
Carbon disulfide Iodine for chemical purposes Spinel [oxide mineral]
Carbon Iodised salts Spirits of salt
Carbon black for industrial purposes Iodised albumen Spirits of vinegar [dilute acetic acid]
Carbon tetrachloride Ion exchangers [chemicals] Stain-preventing chemicals for use on fabrics
Carbonates Iron salts Starch paste [adhesive], other than for stationery or household purposes
Carbonic acid Isinglass other than for stationery, household or alimentary purposes Starch for industrial purposes
Carbonic hydrates Isotopes for industrial purposes Starch-liquifying chemicals [ungluing agents] / ungluing agents [chemical preparations for liquifying starch]
Casein for industrial purposes Kainite Stearic acid
Casein for the food industry Kaolin / china clay / china slip Stem cells other than for medical or veterinary purposes
Cassiopium [lutetium] / lutetium [cassiopium] Ketones Strontium
Catalysts Kieselgur Substrates for soil-free growing [agriculture]
Catechu Krypton Sulfates
Caustic alkali Lactic acid Sulfides
Caustic soda for industrial purposes Lactose [raw material] Sulfonic acids
Caustics for industrial purposes Lactose for industrial purposes Sulfur
Cellulose Lactose for the food industry Sulfuric ether
Cellulose ethers for industrial purposes Lamp black for industrial purposes Sulfuric acid
Cellulose derivatives [chemicals] Lanthanum Sulfurous acid
Cellulose esters for industrial purposes Lead arsenate Sumac for use in tanning
Cement [metallurgy] Lead oxide Superphosphates [fertilisers]
Cement preservatives, except paints and oils Lead acetate Synthetic materials for absorbing oil
Cement for mending broken articles Leather glues Synthetic resins, unprocessed
Cement for footwear Leather-dressing chemicals Talc [magnesium silicate]
Cement-waterproofing chemicals, except paints Leather-impregnating chemicals Tan
Ceramic materials in particulate form, for use as filtering media Leather-renovating chemicals Tan-wood
Ceramic glazings Leather-waterproofing chemicals Tannic acid
Ceramic compositions for sintering [granules and powders] Lecithin for industrial purposes Tannin
Cerium Lecithin [raw material] Tanning substances
Chemical preparations for facilitating the alloying of metals Lecithin for the food industry Tapioca flour for industrial purposes
Chemical condensation preparations Lime chloride Tartar other than for pharmaceutical purposes
Chemical preparations for scientific purposes, other than for medical or veterinary use Lime carbonate Tartaric acid
Chemical substances for analyses in laboratories, other than for medical or veterinary purposes / chemical preparations for analyses in laboratories, other than for medical or veterinary purposes Lime acetate Technetium
Chemical reagents, other than for medical or veterinary purposes Limestone hardening substances Compositions for the manufacture of technical ceramics
Chemical preparations for protection against wheat blight [smut] / chemical preparations to prevent wheat smut Liquids for removing sulfates from batteries / liquids for removing sulfates from accumulators Tellurium
Chemical preparations to prevent mildew Lithia [lithium oxide] Metal tempering preparations
Chemical additives for oils Lithium Tensio-active agents / surface-active chemical agents
Chemical intensifiers for rubber Litmus paper Terbium
Chemical intensifiers for paper Loam Test paper, chemical
Chemical preparations for smoking meat Magnesite Tetrachlorides
Chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs Magnesium carbonate Textile-brightening chemicals
Chemical preparations for use in photography Magnesium chloride Textile-impregnating chemicals
Chemicals for use in forestry, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides Magnetic fluid for industrial purposes Textile-waterproofing chemicals
Chemicals, except pigments, for the manufacture of enamel Malt albumen Thallium
Chemicals for the manufacture of pigments Manganate Thiocarbanilide
Chemicals for the manufacture of paints Manganese dioxide Thorium
Chimney cleaners, chemical Mangrove bark for industrial purposes Compositions for threading
Chlorates Masonry preservatives, except paints and oils Thulium
Chlorides Mastic for leather Titanite
Chlorine Mastic for tires [tyres] / cement for pneumatic tires [tyres] / mastic for tyres / mastic for tires Titanium dioxide for industrial purposes
Cholic acid Meat tenderizers for industrial purposes Toluol / toluene
Chromates Mercuric oxide Toning baths [photography]
Chrome salts Mercury Toning salts [photography]
Chrome alum Mercury salts Toxic gas neutralizers
Chromic acid Metalloids Preparations of trace elements for plants
Chromic salts Methane Transmission fluid
Chromium oxide Methyl ether Tree cavity fillers [forestry]
Cinematographic film, sensitized but not exposed / cinematographic films, sensitized but not exposed Methyl benzene Tungstic acid
Citric acid for industrial purposes Methyl benzol Uranium oxide
Clarification preparations / purification preparations Preparations of microorganisms, other than for medical and veterinary use Uranium
Coal saving preparations Milk ferments for industrial purposes Vine disease preventing chemicals
Cobalt oxide for industrial purposes Milk ferments for the food industry Vinic alcohol
Collodion* Milk ferments for chemical purposes Viscose
Color- [colour-] brightening chemicals for industrial purposes / color-brightening chemicals for industrial purposes / colour-brightening chemicals for industrial purposes Mineral acids Vulcanisation accelerators
Combusting preparations [chemical additives to motor fuel] Moderating materials for nuclear reactors Vulcanising preparations
Compost Moistening [wetting] preparations for use in the textile industry / wetting preparations for use in the textile industry Wallpaper removing preparations
Concrete preservatives, except paints and oils Moistening [wetting] preparations for use in bleaching / wetting preparations for use in bleaching Water glass [soluble glass]
Concrete-aeration chemicals Moistening [wetting] preparations for use in dyeing / wetting preparations for use in dyeing Water-purifying chemicals
Condensation-preventing chemicals Mordants for metals Water-softening preparations
Coolants for vehicle engines Mould-release preparations / mold-release preparations Wax-bleaching chemicals
Corrosive preparations Must-fining preparations Wine finings
Cream of tartar for industrial purposes Naphthalene Witherite
Cream of tartar for chemical purposes Neodymium Wood pulp
Cream of tartar for the food industry Neon Wood alcohol
Creosote for chemical purposes Neptunium Wood vinegar [pyroligneous acid] / pyroligneous acid [wood vinegar]
Crotonic aldehyde Nitrate paper X-ray films, sensitized but not exposed
Cryogenic preparations Nitrate of uranium Xenon
Cultures of microorganisms, other than for medical and veterinary use Nitrates Ytterbium
Curium Nitric acid Yttrium
Currying preparations for skins Nitrogen Zirconia
Currying preparations for leather Nitrogenous fertilisers
Cyanides [prussiates] / prussiates Nitrous oxide
Solutions for cyanotyping Oenological bactericides [chemical preparations for use in wine making]
Cymene Oil dispersants
Damp-proofing chemicals, except paints, for masonry Oil cement [putty]
Decolorants for industrial purposes / bleaching preparations [decolorants] for industrial purposes Oil-bleaching chemicals
Defoliants Oil-purifying chemicals


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