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How to file TDS Return Quarterly Offline and Online? And Forms available for filing TDS Return 


According to the requirements of the Income Tax Act in India, filing TDS returns is mandatory. The assessee who has deducted taxes at the source on specific types of payments shall file quarterly returns by producing TDS/TCS statements with details such as TAN, PAN (Permanent Account Number), deduction amount, payment type, and so on. In this article we will walk you through the information on Due date for TDS Quarterly Return Filing, different forms available for filing TDS Return and process on “How to file TDS Return Quarterly Offline and Online?”


Before beginning the process of filing a quarterly TDS return, it is important to understand “What is TDS?” As well as the advantages of filing TDS. So, before we go any further, let’s go through the basics of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source).

What is TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)? 

TDS is Tax Deducted at Source when a payment exceeds a government-determined threshold limit in any business or trade transaction. In general, TDS deductions are seen in salary payments. If the sum exceeds the threshold amount limit, TDS must be deducted when paying salaries to employees or paying for any services such as rent and construction.


The TDS return must be filed with the Indian Income Tax Department. Failure to do so will result in fines and legal action being taken against the company’s owner. The TDS return must be submitted before the due date.

Advantages of filing TDS

The Income Tax Act of 1961 makes it essential to file a TDS Return. The following are some of its advantages:

  • By assuring a consistent flow of funds to the government, it alleviates the burden of lump-sum tax payments.
  • It allows the taxpayer to pay their entire tax burden over a period of months, making it more manageable.
  • Allows the taxpayer to pay their taxes in an easy manner.

Due Date for TDS Return Quarterly Filing

TDS Return Quarterly

Due Date

April to June
July 15
July to September
October 15
October to December
January 15
January to March
May 15

Different forms available for filing TDS Return

  • Form 26Q

When a taxpayer pays taxes, the payee deducts TDS on certain circumstances. TDS on payments other than salaries is reported using Form 26Q. The Form indicates both the total amount paid in a given quarter and the amount of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) deducted.

  • Form 24Q

In accordance with Section 192 of the Income Tax Act 1961, an employer deducts TDS from an employee’s wage. The Salary TDS returns must be filed in Form 24 Q, which must be submitted every quarter. In Form 24 Q, the details of the salary paid to employees, as well as the TDS deducted from the payment, must be included. To put it another way, Form 24 Q is a quarterly statement that includes both the payment made to the employee and the TDS deducted by the deductor.

  • Form 27EQ

Form 27EQ is a tax statement that shows the amount of Tax Collected at Source (TCS) as well as the deductions made by the payer. Section 206C of the Income Tax Act governs Form 27EQ. Every quarter, the form should be completed and collected.

  • Form 27Q

Form 27 Q is a TDS return or statement that details the Tax Deducted at Source on payments made to non-resident Indians and foreigners other than salaries. The deductor provides Form 27 Q to the NRI, detailing the payments made as well as the TDS deducted on such payments.

How to file TDS Return Quarterly Offline and Online?

  • Process on filing TDS Return Quarterly Offline

    1. TDS statements and accompanying paperwork can also be submitted to any of the NSDL-managed TIN-Facilitation Centres
    2. These FCs are available in a number of major cities and towns across the country.
    3. The representative will issue a provisional receipt as an acknowledgement for the TDS/TCS returns filed after receiving the forms.
    4. If a proposal is rejected for any reason, a memo detailing the reason for rejection will be sent.
  • Process on filing TDS Return Quarterly Online

    1. The TIN NSDL website has announced the data structure or file format in which the e-TDS / e-TCS return is to be prepared.
    2. The E-TDS/E-TCS return must be prepared in a format prescribe by the IT Department.
    3. The file name extension should be ‘txt’. Return Preparation Utility can be used to create an E-TDS/E-TCS return. NSDL or any other third-party programme may provide this utility.
    4. After preparing the file according to the file format, it should be confirmed using NSDL’s File Validation Utility (FVU).
    5. If any problems are identified in the report, the FVU will issue an error report. Make the necessary corrections. Re-verify the file using the FVU.
    6. Upload the generated file to the Income Tax Website.


Tax deduction at source is a strategy used by tax authorities to collect tax at the point of sale and get information in order to avoid tax leakages. Simultaneously, the procedure of filing TDS returns has been streamlined over time thanks to TRACES’ multiple functions. Tax deductors would remain compliant with this crucial component of compliance if they were properly followed.

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