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A guide to the “Tax System in the USA”


Federal, state and municipal taxes are the three main types of taxes in the US. The amount of tax that must be paid or withheld is calculated by combining these layers. The 50 states of the United States do not all have the same tax rates.


Every source of income, including wages, inheritances, gifts, dividends, and profits from sales, investments, and imports, is subject to the tax system in the USA.

Taxation in the USA

Taxable income includes, income from self-employment or other types of independent labor, capital gains, tips, and profits from the sale of real estate and wages. Your required tax payment is based on your income, the state you live in, and the area you are a member of. In North Dakota, the amount of your taxable income that you must provide to the government can be as low as 2.9 percent to as high as 13.3 percent in California. There are three types of taxes considered according to the Taxation in the USA

  • Federal tax

In the United States, the “Federal Tax” section of your income tax return is the main provider to the federal government’s budget and is directly paid to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The revenue from the Federal Tax is assigned to various essential programs, which includes education, relief efforts following natural disasters and transportation.

  • State Income Tax

Some of the states making up the United States do not require people to pay state income taxes. For example, there is no state income tax in Florida, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, Alaska, South Dakota and Texas.


Also, the tax rate varies from state to state and can sometimes be paid using either a flat rate or a progressive scale depending on the form. The majority of state income tax revenue is used in health care and education. However, the tax is used to fund other activities, such as support for the underprivileged, environmental projects, parks, recreational facilities, public housing, and the military.

  • Community / Municipal Tax

Every community has the authority to impose the Community Tax or Local Tax. As a result, not all towns and communities in the nation have it.


The revenue made by the local tax maybe utilized for a number of purposes, such as maintaining public areas like streets and libraries as well as clearing up trash and fixing sewage systems.

The Tax Exemptions and Thresholds in the USA

  • The majority of Americans are taxed under many categories. This is true not just for the federal income tax but also, depending on the circumstances, for the state income tax.
  • Your income is automatically divided into a variety of marginal components, each of these is taxed at a different rate.
  • There are seven different income tax rates, the lowest of which is 10% for low incomes and the highest of which is 37% for huge gains.
  • To accommodate for inflation, the marginal amounts are often adjusted on a regular basis.
  • It is in your best advantage to determine your potential federal income tax liabilities before starting to work in the US.

Do I Need To Pay Taxes As A Green Card Holder?

Knowing your rights and duties and demonstrating your reliability as a citizen are essential in the United States of America. You must pay taxes if you have a Green Card since you are considered a “Permanent Resident” of the USA. Due to a double taxation agreement, you maybe able to pay lower taxes if you hold a Green Card but are not yet a resident (for example, because you are still in the process of moving).


The USA has separate federal and state taxation systems, in contrast to India, which uses a central taxing system. According to a statement made by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), it takes the typical taxpayer 12 hours to complete the documentation and file it. The process is considerably more simple in countries like Belgium, Spain, and Denmark when you compare tax systems from around the world. The IRS claims that the forms in the schedules are actually intended to help and save money if the filer is knowledgeable about the tax code. It is the filer’s responsibility to go through during a year and ensure that their funds are used properly to reduce their liabilities.


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