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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – “What is an LLP Agreement?”, Contents of LLP Agreement and Types of LLP Agreement


According to LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) law, any two people can form an LLP by signing the incorporation documents. Unless the LLP’s partners or the LLP and partners adopt an LLP agreement, Schedule One of the LLP Act governs the rights and obligations of partners once the LLP is constituted. In comparison to an incorporated business structure, the self-agreed LLP agreement provides partners with more flexibility and contractual freedom to meet their needs and interests because the majority of its administrative procedures are framed according to the Companies Act’s prescribed provisions. In this article information on “What is LLP Agreement?”, Contents of LLP Agreement and types of LLP Agreement.

What is an LLP Agreement?

A LLP Agreement is a formal agreement between the LLP’s partners or the LLP’s authorized partners. It establishes the designated partners’ rights and obligations to one another as well as to the LLP. The LLP agreement must be signed and filed with the MCA within 30 days of the LLP’s incorporation. LLP Partners must complete the LLP Agreement and submit it to the MCA portal using LLP Form 3.


It lays the groundwork for a Limited Liability Partnership’s smooth operation. It outlined the view and established well-defined ideas for decision-making, including the addition of new partners, the departure of existing partners, and job changes. As a result, a well-structured, thorough LLP Agreement lays the foundation and serves as a backbone for the firm’s strength.

Essential points for LLP Agreement

  • The LLP Agreement format can be changed to suit the requirements as long as the change is filed and registered with the Registrar in the appropriate form, manner, and with the appropriate fees.
  • If any provision of the Act is violated by the LLP Agreement format, each partner will be subject to a fine of not less than two thousand rupees but not more than twenty-five thousand rupees.
  • To reduce income and thus tax burden, the agreement must specify the working partners and the salary to be paid to them. To take advantage of this benefit, remember to mention the partner’s name as well as define them as “working partners” in the LLP agreement structure.
  • Procedures for the sale or transfer of partnership rights must also be included in the LLP Agreement structure. It must be stated if such a transfer of rights is banned.
  • The provisions of disassociation are also included in the LLP Agreement structure. If any of the LLP’s partners choose to leave, the procedure and process are outlined. It also offers information about the rights of exciting partners, continuing partners, and the division of firm assets, among other things.

Different Types of LLP Agreement

  • Equal Rights to all Partners in an LLP

Each partner in an LLP of this type spends the same amount of money, time, and effort in the company. Everyone is paid equally and shares in the profits and losses equally. The decisions are decided in a group setting. All of the partners have the same rights and responsibilities, and they all contribute equally to the management and operation of the company.

  • Differential Rights LLP is a law firm that specializes in resolving

In this type of LLP, partners contribute varied amounts of capital, energy, and time, as well as liability. Profit-sharing, decision-making, and managerial rights are all affected as a result. It can be classified into two groups.

  1. A contract in which the distribution of rights is based on contribution and profit-sharing ratios. The amount of profit-sharing is determined solely by the amount of contribution.
  2. An agreement in which rights are granted only on the basis of contribution, while profit rights are granted separately. Management rights may be equal or in some other proportion.

Contents of LLP Agreement

Below is the information on the Contents of LLP Agreement:

  • LLP Name

The LLP’s name is According to the LLP Act, the name of the LLP must conclude with LLP or Limited Liability Partnership.

  • The agreement’s date and the parties to the arrangement

LLP Agreement is signed after incorporation and must be signed within 30 days of incorporation. According to the LLP Act, an LLP agreement is a contract between LLP partners or LLP and partners; thus, the LLP agreement’s parties can include all partners or LLP and all partners. The LLP and its partners are the parties to our agreement.

  • Background information

This section covers the details of the LLP’s formation, registration status, and activities, among other things.

  • Preliminary provisions

Definitions of terminology used in LLP agreements, including LLP name and potential name modifications, initial partners, new partner admission, business operations, LLP power, duration, management, accounting, and auditing.

  • Contribution of partners and method of contribution

How each partner contributes, whether they may get their money back, interest on contributions, and so forth.

  • Maintaining LLP records and establishing a bank account

The best way to keep LLP accounts and records is to use a spreadsheet.

  • Distribution and allocation

How is the LLP’s profit divided among the partners, and how is the LLP’s profit distributed, including interim and final distributions.

  • Current and capital accounts

What should each account be credited with and debited with that information needs to be mentioned in an Agreement

  • Partner disassociation

How should a partner be disassociated from the LLP, what are his rights, what notice should be given to existing partners, and what rights do existing partners have over the LLP’s assets, including termination of a partner from the LLP.

  • Rights redemption and cross-purchase

How can LLP partners’ rights be redeemed, readmission process, cross purchase, and so on.

  • The issue of partnership rights

A new issuance of rights in the LLP has been issued, which includes the admission of a new partner.

  • Partnership rights sales and transfers

Procedures for selling and transferring partner rights to existing and new partners.

  • Meetings with partners and voting

This clause covers how the meeting should be run, the decision-making procedure, and voting rights.

  • Recording rights of partners

Each partner has the right to see and copy the LLP’s records.

  • Management and fiduciary responsibilities

Who will run the LLP, how will day-to-day management work, and what is the fiduciary role of the LLP’s partners.

How is an LLP Agreement made?

Follow these steps to create your LLP agreement:

  • Make a draught of the contract and print it on stamp paper of sufficient value.
  • At the bottom of each page, all partners should sign the agreement.
  • At the end of the document, two witnesses shall sign the agreement.
  • Register the contract at the Sub-Registrar’s office, paying the relevant registration fees according to state regulations.
  • A copy of the agreement should be given to each partner.


With the passage of the LLP Act, the concept of partnership gains a new dimension, ushering in a new era of economic growth and progress. The introduction of Limited Liability of Partners for the first time in the country, which will have enormous repercussions for the corporate sector as well as all professions affiliated with the corporate sector, is a curious element of this path-breaking enactment.

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