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A complete guide for a taxpayer on ITR Form 7 Filing

“What is ITR Form 7?”, “How to file ITR 7?” And Eligibility Criteria


ITR taxpayers have several options for completing the Income Tax Return Form 7, including bar-coded forms, paperback forms, digital signatures, and the filing of return verification via ITR Form V. In this article information on “What is ITR Form 7?”, Eligibility Crieteria for ITR Form 7 Filing and “How to file ITR 7?”

What is ITR Form 7?

Companies that generate income from real estate used for charitable or religious purposes need to file Form ITR 7. Properties that are partially or even entirely owned under trusts or legal obligations are included in this category. ITR taxpayers have several options for completing the ITR 7 Forms, including barcoded forms, paperback forms, digital signatures, and the filing of return verification via ITR Form V. ITR 7 Form is required if the individual and the companies are under Section 139(4A), Section 139(4B), Section 139(4C), or Section 139. (4D).

Points to keep in mind for filing ITR Form 7

  • There are no other forms, papers, or TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) that need to be attached or provided with the return form.
  • Any supporting documentation will be returned to the applicant who submitted the return if it is attached to the return form.
  • It is advised that taxpayers compare their Tax Credit Statement Form 26AS with the taxes they have deducted, collected, or paid.

Who is required to File Form 7 Filing?

  • Every individual receiving income from property held under a trust or other legal obligation that is used entirely or mostly for charity or religious purposes must file a return under section 139(4A).
  • A return under section 139(4B) must be filed by a political party if its total revenue exceeds the amount that is exempt from income taxation after applying section 139A’s provisions.
  • As per section 139 (4C) below category needs to file ITR Form 7
  1. New Agency
  2. A hospital or other medical facility, a university, a fund,or some other type of educational or academic institution
  3. Association or institution under section 10(23A)
  4. Any scientific research association
  • Every university, college, or other institution that is not obliged to provide a return of revenue or loss under any other provision of this section is required to file a return under section 139(4D).
  • Every business trust that is not required to provide a return of income or loss under another provision of this section is required to file a return under section 139(4E).
  • Any investment fund referred to in section 115UB shall file a return under section 139(4F). Under any other requirements of this section, it is not necessary to provide a return of income or loss.

How to file ITR Form 7?

ITR 7 can be submitted in the following ways to the Income Tax Department:

  • By submitting returns electronically through a digital signing certificate
  • By transferring the data in the return and then submitting the return verification in the ITR V Return Form
  • The assessee must print copies of the ITR V Form after submitting the return.


The assessee must print copies of the ITR V Form after submitting the return. It is necessary to send a copy of the ITR V that is duly signed by the assessee (by standard mail to Bengaluru)

Verification of ITR Form 7 Filing:

Political parties must compel their CEO or secretary to validate the return using a digital signature certificate (DSC), while everyone else has the following options:


  • Using DSC (digital signature certificate)
  • Using the Electronic Verification Code (EVC) mode to authenticate
  • ITR-V acknowledgement must be properly signed before being sent to CPC (Income Tax Department Centralized Processing Centre) office.


Please be aware that anyone found guilty of filing a fraudulent return or accompanying schedules is subject to prosecution under Section 277 of the Income-tax Act of 1961, which carries a harsh prison sentence and a fine.

FAQs on ITR Form 7 Filing


1. Who is unable to file ITR using ITR 7?

The following taxpayers are prohibited from filing Form ITR-7: Persons, Businesses, and HUFs Those organisations that used the new ITR-5 and ITR-6 to file their returns.


2. Does ITR 7 call for the disclosure of information on a tax audit?

Yes, a business must include information in ITR-7 such as details regarding the audit report and the date of giving such report to the department if it is required to have its accounts audited u/s 44AB and its accounts are audited by a chartered accountant.


3. What is the due date for filing ITR 7?

  • For all Tax Assesses whose accounts must be audited, the deadline is September 30.
  • For Tax Assesses whose accounts do not need to be audited, the deadline is July 31.


4. What conditions must the assessee satisfy after submitting ITR 7?

The assessee must print two copies of the ITR-V form after the return is submitted; one copy must be delivered by mail to the CPC office, and the other copy must be kept for your records.


Every business and taxpayer has a moral obligation to file income tax returns and pay taxes. The ITR 7 e-filing option with an offline Excel utility has been enabled by the income-tax department. On the website for electronic filing, the taxpayers can also get the most recent JSON Schema for the ITR-7.


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