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Gumasta License Maharashtra- Its Meaning & Documents required for Gumasta License

What is Gumasta License Registration? Documents required for Gumasta License Registration and procedure for Gumasta License Maharashtra


For commercial establishments functioning in India, a Gumasta license or a Shops and Establishment Act license is necessary. The Shops and Establishment Act license is also known as the Gumasta license. The Bombay Shops and Commercial Enterprise Act, 1948, requires any citizen who desires to create a new shop or commercial establishment in Maharashtra to obtain a Gumasta License. In this article, we have included information on “What is Gumasta License?”, Documents required for Gumasta License, the procedure for Gumasta License Registration, and its Advantages.

What is Gumasta License Registration?

Gumasta License is registration necessary in Maharashtra to conduct any type of business. Under the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act, it is managed by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai. This is a document that grants you permission to conduct business in a certain location. This license is a prerequisite for any business to be recognized by the government or a bank, regardless of whether it is operated by a single individual or a larger organization.


Gumasta assures that your firm can grow without too many hassles, and it is required to open a current account or obtain a bank loan. Obtaining GST (Goods and Service Tax) registration in Maharashtra is impossible without this license.

The entity that needs to obtain a Gumasta License

Business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, public and private limited corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and LLPs who intend to open physical stores, hotels or commercial venues in Maharashtra must obtain a Gumasta License.


All businesses with less than 9 employees (Intimation Certificate will be provided) OR businesses with 10 or more workers (Gumasta Certificate validated by authority) in a shop or establishment require a Gumasta License. This certificate or license aids in the regulation of employee benefits in the condition or setting in which they work, as well as issues of payment and employment standards. This license or certificate is the basic or required prerequisite for all Maharashtra-based banks and NBFCs to recognize you.

Advantages of Gumasta License Registration

The following are some of the advantages that a Gumasta license can provide to a small business:

  • Once you have registered for a Gumasta license, you will be eligible for all of the Maharashtra State Government’s advantages and tax breaks.

  • It acts as proof of legal entity, granting you permission to conduct business in Maharashtra.

  • To collect money from consumers, any firm needs a business bank account. To open a business bank account, most banks require the Gumasta license as confirmation of identity.

  • Gumasta License Registration helps small businesses in availing of Business Loans.

Documents required for Gumasta License 

  • For Sole Proprietorship

    1. Proof for the business premises

    2. PAN Card details

    3. Aadhar Card Information

    4. If its a Charitable Trust, then the requirement of a registration certificate

    5. Application Letter

    6. Photo of the Business Owner

    7. Address Proof

    8. Authority Letter from Maharashtra Municipal Corporation

  • For Private Limited Company 

    1. Incorporation Certificate

    2. AOA (Articles of Association)

    3. MOA (Memorandum of Association)

    4. Address Proof and ID Proof of the Director of a Company

  • For Partnership Firm

    1. PAN details for Partnership Firm

    2. Partners personal information and Address details

    3. Partnership Deed

    4. Application form, with the prescribed government fees

Procedure for Gumasta License Registration

  • Login to the official website of the Maharashtra Government Portal.
  • Select whether you want to register as an individual or an organization.
  • Complete the OTP verification and gain site access by providing your mobile number and email.
  • Log in with your username and password to access services.
  • Choose New Shop and Establishment Registration.
  • Fill out the online form and submit it by selecting Registration – Form A.
  • On the platform, upload all of the relevant documentation.
  • Once the above step is completed, complete the online payment process.

When you submit an application, the status will indicate “under inspection,” which implies your application is being reviewed by an officer. The status approved will display once the application has been processed and authorized, and you will be able to download the documents. If the application is rejected, then Check the reason for rejection and re-upload or resubmit with the proper information.

Points to Keep in mind

  • The length of time a license is valid varies by state. Renewal is required and must be completed on time.
  • If you are running a tour operator business, you will also need a Gumasta License or a Shop Establishment License. As a result, the Shop Establishment Act applies to all businesses, trades, and service-based businesses.
  • Throughout the inspection, keep your PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card available.
  • Have fire extinguishers on hand at your workplace.
  • If there is a mistake on the registration certificate, you must repair it right once and report it to the appropriate authorities. You will be given a fresh and valid registration certificate after the officer confirms your information.
  • The applicant’s government fee is determined by the state.
  • Failure to get a Gumasta or shop establishment licence online might result in a penalty of up to two lakh rupees.
  • The shop establishment licence and the Gumasta License are identical.
  • In the event that the officer rejects your application, you must reapply for the process.


Gumasta License is a mandatory registration required in Maharashtra for running any type of business. The Gumasta license was secured under Maharashtra’s Shops and Establishment Act. Every person who starts a business in a state must get a license under that state’s Shops and Establishment Act.

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