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How to check GST Number?, GST Number Format and Importance of GST Number Verification


A GST Registration Number will be issued to every tax payer who has registered for GST. Each GST registration number is distinct from the others. The PAN of the tax payer is used to calculate the GST (Goods and Service Tax) number. In this article information on “How to check GST Number?”, GST Number Format and Importance of GST Number Verification is mentioned.

What is GST Number?

The GST Number, often known as the GSTIN, is a 15-digit number that is provided to each tax payer who has registered for GST. To obtain a GSTIN, you must first register for GST (GST Number). Your GST number is your unique identifier in the GST tax system. When completing your returns, the GST Number / GSTN will be compared to those of your vendors, creating transparency in all transactions and lowering the possibility of tax manipulation and evasion.

15 Digit GST Number Format

A defined structure governs the GST Numbers assigned to registered businesses and individuals. Following is the Format of 15 digit GST Number.

  • The state code for registration is represented by the first two numbers, which can vary from 01 to 35.
  • The GST registered entity’s PAN (Permanent Account Number) is the next ten digits.
  • The entity code is the 13th digit of the GST number. It refers to the sequence in which a legal body with several registrations in the same state completed them.
  • If a single legal entity registers two businesses in the same state, the first registration will have 1 as the 13th digit, while the second registration will have 2.
  • The 14th digit for recent GST Registrations is “Z,” according to the existing GST number structure, though this digit is effectively maintained for future use.
  • The last digit is currently utilised as a check code and maybe a randomly assigned integer or alphabet.

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Importance of GSTIN / GST Number Verification

  • The GST number, also known as the Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN), is necessary for validating the legitimacy of a GST-registered taxpayer.
  • Individuals alter GST numbers (GSTIN) to dodge taxes in a variety of ways. It can assist you in achieving transparency in all of your business information and ensuring that you are filing correct GST Returns for each tax month.
  • The GST number search can also assist you in claiming the Input Tax Credit (ITC) that you may lose if your GSTIN is fraudulent or wrong.
  • GST Verification is required to verify that the Goods and Service Tax (GST) taxes are paid to the correct people.
  • It is also a chance to help to nation-building and the establishment of a transparent tax system.

How to check GST Number?

Below is the step by step process for GST Number Search:

  • Visit to the GST Registration Portal
  • From there click on Search Taxpayer and click on Search by GSTIN/UIN
  • If the GSTIN is correct, the following information can be verified:
    • The company’s official name
    • State Jurisdiction
    • Central Jurisdiction
    • Principal Place of Business, and Additional Place of Business (If any)
    • Date of incorporation
    • Form of business – sole proprietorship, or partnership or Company
    • Status of GSTIN / UIN (Unique Identification Number)
    • Date of Cancellation (if applicable)
    • Information on Whether you are an ordinary taxpayer or a composition trader

FAQs on GST (Goods and Service Tax) Number / GSTIN

1. Is it necessary to include the GSTIN on invoices?

Yes, a taxpayer must include his or her GSTIN on all of his or her invoices. In addition, the GST registered person must show his or her GST registration certificate at all business locations.

2. What if my GST Number information is Incorrect?

If you’ve double-checked your GST number and discovered it’s incorrect, you can alter the information in your GST account. Make an application for a GST Modification to get your information updated.

3. Is it possible to locate the details of a GST number that includes a name?

GSTIN does not allow you to search for GST numbers by name. However, there is a clever technique to locate a GST number that includes a name. You can search for GST numbers with names on specific state websites, which will take you to a list of tax payers divided by turnover.

4. What is GSTIN’s purpose?

Obtaining a GSTIN is one of the requirements for starting a business. GST law mandates that a registered individual’s GSTIN be displayed at all sites where he or she does business. It must also be referred to when creating invoices, creating e-way bills, filing GST returns, and submitting data to the tax office.


Businesses who had previously registered using TIN systems were moved to the GSTIN system and given a new GST (Goods and Service Tax) number right away. New GST Registrations, on the other hand, will obtain a new GSTIN once their registration is completed and approved. All GST registered businesses are required to print the GSTIN on all GST invoices they give to clients, according to current GST legislation.

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