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What are the Effects of Charge creation by a Company on Third-Party Interests?


In the business world, companies often require additional funds to finance their operations or expand their ventures. To secure these funds, companies may create charges on their assets, granting lenders a right to claim repayment. While the creation of charges is a common practice, it is essential to understand the implications on third-party interests. This article explores the effects of the creation of charges by a company on third-party stakeholders, including creditors, employees, and customers, and highlights the legal safeguards in place to protect their interests.

What is a Charge?

A charge is a security interest created by a company over its assets to secure a loan or other obligation. The charge can be created over any asset of the company, including land, buildings, machinery, and intellectual property. The charge is created by a legal document called a debenture or a mortgage.

What are the effects of Charge Creation on Third-Party Interests?

When a company creates a charge on its assets, it can impact third-party interests. Third-party interests can include creditors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. The effects of the charge creation on third-party interests can include the following:

  • Priority of Claims: When a company creates a charge on its assets, the creditor who holds the charge has a priority claim over other creditors. This means that if the company defaults on its obligations, the creditor who holds the charge will be paid first from the proceeds of the sale of the assets. This can impact other creditors who may not receive full payment for their claims.

  • Security for Loans: The charge creation can provide security for loans made to the company. This can make it easier for the company to obtain financing and can result in lower interest rates for the loans.

  • Impact on Shareholders: The charge creation can impact shareholders. If the company defaults on its obligations, the creditor who holds the charge may take possession of the assets and sell them to recover the debt. This can result in a reduction in the value of the company’s shares.

  • Impact on Other Stakeholders: The charge creation can also impact other stakeholders, such as employees and customers. If the company defaults on its obligations, it may be forced to sell assets to pay the debt, which can result in job losses and disruption to the supply chain.


The creation of a charge by a company can impact third-party interests, including creditors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. The effects of the creation of a charge can include the priority of claims, security for loans, impact on shareholders, and impact on other stakeholders. It is important for companies to consider the potential impact of creating a charge on their assets and to ensure that they have the resources to meet their obligations. By understanding the effects of the creation of a charge, companies can make informed decisions about their financing options and minimize the impact on third-party interests.

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