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ERISA for Employer & Employees: Advantages & Disadvantages


ERISA stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act. It is a federal law enacted in 1974 that regulates employee benefit plans, including retirement, health, and other welfare benefit plans. ERISA sets minimum standards for these plans to protect the interests of employees and their beneficiaries. While ERISA provides important protections for workers, it also imposes obligations on employers and can have both positive and negative effects on both employers and employees.

What is an ERISA plan?

The ERISA plan is an employee benefit plan that is covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. This can include retirement plans, health insurance plans, disability insurance plans, and other welfare benefit plans.

What are the ERISA requirements for employers & employees?

ERISA imposes several requirements on both employers and employees.

1. For employers

  • Establish and maintain a written plan document that outlines the plan’s terms and conditions.
  • Provide a summary plan description (SPD) to participants that summarizes the plan’s benefits, eligibility requirements, and other important information.
  • Act as a fiduciary to the plan’s participants, which means acting in their best interests when making decisions regarding the plan.
  • Ensure that plan assets are held in trust or otherwise properly funded to protect participants’ benefits.
  • Follow the claims and appeals procedures for plan participants.
  • File annual reports with the Department of Labor.

2. For employees

  • Participate in the plan if eligible.
  • Receive a summary plan description (SPD) that outlines the plan’s benefits, eligibility requirements, and other important information.
  • Receive benefits as outlined in the plan document.
  • Appeal denied claims through the plan’s claims and appeals procedures.

What are the Pros and Cons of ERISA for employers & employees?

A. Employers

  • Pros for employers

  1. Compliance with ERISA can help attract and retain employees by providing competitive benefit packages.
  2. ERISA requirements can help ensure that benefit plans are administered fairly and equitably for all employees.
  3. ERISA preempts state laws, providing a uniform standard for employee benefit plans.

  • Cons for employers

  1. ERISA compliance can be complex and expensive, requiring significant administrative resources and legal expertise.
  2. Noncompliance with ERISA can result in significant penalties and legal liability.
  3. ERISA requirements can limit flexibility in designing benefit plans.

B. Employees

  • Pros for employees

  1. ERISA sets minimum standards for benefit plans, ensuring that employees receive certain protections and benefits.
  2. ERISA requires employers to act as fiduciaries, ensuring that plan assets are managed in the best interests of plan participants.
  3. ERISA provides employees with a formal process for appealing denied claims.

  • Cons for employees

  1. ERISA preempts state laws, limiting the ability of employees to seek remedies through state law.
  2. ERISA requirements may not go far enough to protect employees’ interests, as employers have some discretion in designing benefit plans.
  3. ERISA requirements can limit the ability of employees to make changes to their welfare benefit plans.


In conclusion, ERISA provides important protections and benefits for both employers and employees, but it also imposes obligations and restrictions on both parties. Employers must comply with ERISA’s requirements, which can be complex and expensive, while employees receive certain minimum standards and protections. Understanding the pros and cons of ERISA is essential for both employers and employees to make informed decisions regarding welfare benefit plans.

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