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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for Import Export Code Registration


The import-export code (IEC) registration is a crucial requirement for businesses engaged in international trade in India. It serves as a unique identification number that enables seamless import and export operations. However, the process of IEC registration in India can be intricate, and applicants often make common mistakes that can lead to delays and complications. In this article, we will explore the key mistakes to avoid during the import-export code registration process in India. By understanding these pitfalls and taking the necessary precautions, businesses can ensure a smooth and hassle-free IEC registration experience, paving the way for successful international trade ventures. In this article, we have discussed some common mistakes to avoid in IEC registration.

How to apply for import-export code registration?

Below are the steps by which you can apply for import-export code registration:

  • Visit
  • Click on the service tab.
  • Enter your PAN card number.
  • Fill in all the other relevant details.
  • Enter your OTP (one-time password) for verification.
  • Update entity details.
  • Add branch details.
  • Fill in the director/partner details.
  • Attach scanned copies of all the documents.
  • Fees payment
  • Preview and print your application.
  • Submit it.

Common mistakes to avoid while applying for import-export code registration

A successful IEC registration in India paves the way for efficient import and export operations, allowing businesses to capitalize on global trade opportunities. By following the above mistakes to avoid in IEC registration in India, businesses can establish a strong foundation for their international trade endeavors in India.

  1. Providing wrong information: Users should avoid giving wrong information, as it can lead to the failure of generating the code or even the rejection of your application. The user has to check all the information thoroughly before submitting it to the website.
  2. Incomplete application: The user has to fill in all the details that are asked in the application without concern for their privacy, as it is a government-approved website. Make sure to double-check before applying.
  3. Submitting all the correct documents: The user is required to scan all the documents before applying for the code. If there is some mismatch in the submitted documents, then it can lead to a delay or rejection of the registration.
  4. Avoid multiple attempts while applying: Due to heavy traffic, the site may slow down or hang. In such cases, the user has to wait a while and try again after some time. If multiple attempts are made at the same time, it can lead to disability or a session timeout.
  5. Post-check the application: Once the user completes the application, it has to be verified by a certain authority to check the status of your application. This will confirm the status of your application, and the user can identify if any issues exist.
  6. Validation Issue: This arises when the IEC number and the information provided by the user do not match. In such a case, there are chances you might get rejected, or it may cancel your application.

Is getting an IMEC code mandatory for a business entity?

In India, obtaining an import-export code (IMEC) has become mandatory for all businesses that are involved in the import or export of goods or services. Without obtaining this code, no business can get permission to practice import or export services. The IMEC code can be considered a license approved by the government of India for the local business entity.


Avoiding mistakes during the import-export code (IEC) registration process is crucial for businesses engaged in international trade in India. By recognizing and addressing the common pitfalls in IEC registration, businesses can streamline the process and prevent unnecessary delays and complications. Mistakes such as incomplete documentation, incorrect information, and overlooking regulatory requirements can lead to significant setbacks. By paying attention to detail, seeking professional guidance when needed, and ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations, businesses can navigate the IEC registration process smoothly.


A successful IEC registration in India paves the way for efficient import and export operations, allowing businesses to capitalize on global trade opportunities. By following the above mistakes to avoid in IEC registration in India, businesses can establish a strong foundation for their international trade endeavors in India.


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