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Swiggy Restaurant Registration, Why is it important to register a Restaurant with Swiggy, and Process on “How to register a Restaurant on Swiggy?”

Food delivery and online food kitchens have never been more popular than they are now. The industry will expand shortly as more individuals choose to order in rather than dine out. In this article information such as Swiggy Restaurant Registration, “How to register on Swiggy?”, Swiggy Connect Form, and other information on Swiggy Restaurant Registration is included.



The food industry is incredibly competitive, with new restaurants launched every other day, making survival even more challenging. Swiggy and other food delivery apps have compelled restaurants and diners to integrate technology into their operations in order to provide meals to many consumers quickly and efficiently.

About Swiggy

Swiggy is a company that specializes in food delivery. It is a platform that connects the food industry with its customers by creating a link between the two. Swiggy has a partner program that might be a game-changer for any restaurant owner trying to grow their customer base. Swiggy is the first thing that comes to mind when people conceive food delivery, which is all the more reason to sign up and take advantage of the program.

Why is it important to register a Restaurant with Swiggy?

  • Small restaurants cannot afford to have a dedicated worker sit at the phone desk taking orders and writing them down on a sheet of paper. Finally, ensure that the meal is delivered to clients on time. Swiggy is capable of completing all of these tasks. And all you have to do now is hand the meal over to the delivery boy.

  • You will not need to keep the delivery boy or furnish the vehicle once you have registered with Swiggy. As a result, your operational costs are kept to a minimum.

  • You can generate additional clients and sell invoices after becoming a Swiggy partner. As a result, you can increase your revenue earnings.

  • You may deliver more dishes whether you are a take-out-only restaurant or a fine dining establishment. Because you don’t have to provide the seating arrangements with Swiggy. As a result, it aids in cost reduction, hence increasing net profit.

  • Swiggy’s business model is based on commission. As a result, there will be no loss to the eateries at any expense.

Documents required for Restaurant Registration on Swiggy

  • Shop License

  • PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card

  • Details of Owner

  • Tax Details

  • FSSAI Certificate

  • Canceled Cheque

  • GST Certificate

A process on “How to Register a Restaurant on Swiggy?”

  • Login to the Swiggy Website

To apply to become a Swiggy partner, the applicant must first visit the Swiggy website. Select the “Partner with us” option from the “Contact” list at the bottom of the page.

  • Fill in all the necessary Information

Once the page has loaded, the applicant must fill out the following information before clicking the “Proceed” button

  1. Email ID of the Owner

  2. Restaurant Name

  3. Contact Details of the Owner

  4. Name of the Owner

  5. Restaurant POC designation

  6. Information on City

  • Select Proceed Option

Once the above steps are completed, by selecting the proceed option below are the details which need to be provided by a restaurant owner

  1. FSSAI Certificate needs to be uploaded

  2. Address Details

  3. GST Certificate needs to be uploaded

  4. Business Entity Name

  5. KYC details need to be uploaded

  • Document Verification Process

After all of the information has been entered correctly, the applicant must provide a canceled check, a copy of the menu, and the takeaway bill for verification.

  • Partnership Agreement Signing

Following the successful submission of all of these details, a Swiggy representative will come to your location to verify the information and sign a Partnership Agreement.

  • Registration Acknowledge Message

The applicant will receive an acknowledgment message on both the supplied mobile number and email address once the registration is complete.

  • Commission Payment

Swiggy must receive payment of the commission in a timely manner. Furthermore, in order to attain the best outcomes, the menu and price listings must be maintained and updated on a frequent basis.

Commission fees charged by Swiggy

In emerging areas like Bengaluru and places where an eatery is new to the local population, Swiggy charges a commission of 15% to 25%. The eatery is required to pay Swiggy a 16 percent commission. Meanwhile, to promote a specific restaurant, a commission of 4 percent to 7 percent must be paid.


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Swiggy is the country’s most popular and fastest-growing food delivery app. It aims to provide the modern customer with a complete food ordering and delivery solution by providing delicacies from the top local eateries. This company has its own delivery employees that pick up orders from restaurants and deliver them to the appropriate consumers. As a result, some eateries have partnered with Swiggy in order to attract a larger audience.

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