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Income Tax Verification – What is ITR-V Form? and How to Download ITR-V Form from the IT Department?


The IT division creates acknowledgements for taxpayers to confirm the validity of their electronic filing through ITR-V Form. Only those who file without a digital signature are subject to the Income Tax Return Verification Form. In this article, we will look into the information on “What is ITR-V?” And “How to download ITR-V from the IT Department Website?”

What is ITR-V?

The term “Income Tax Return-Verification Form” is abbreviated as ITR-V. When an ITR is submitted online without employing a digital signature, a single-page document is what is received. The Income Tax Department provides ITR-V, which is issued to the taxpayer through email, to confirm the legitimacy of income tax returns. The income tax e-filing website also offers a copy of the ITR-V for download by taxpayers. To complete the income tax filing process, the copy of the ITR-V acknowledgement must be properly signed in “blue ink” and delivered to the Income Tax Department CPC (Central Processing Centre).


The income tax authorities will view your filed return as invalid if you do not verify it. This implies that you will have to start the procedure from scratch. File your returns after uploading your Form 16. Verifying your returns is advised to prevent duplicating your efforts or possibly wasting the time and work you put in the first time. In other words, it is essential for tax filers to complete ITR-V otherwise, their form is rejected and having to start the entire procedure over again.

Essential Points for Income Tax Return Verification Form

The ITR-V Acknowledgement is a crucial step in the income tax return filing process. In order to prepare and deliver ITR-V to CPC, taxpayers are advised to keep in mind the following points:

  • ITR-V should be legible and printed in dark, blank ink.
  • Blue ink should be used for the original signature on ITR-V.
  • The Form’s barcode should not have the signature on it. Both the barcode and the numbers beneath it should be visible.
  • The Form ITR-V should not be stapled.
  • This ITR-V is signed; do not fold.
  • Put the ITR-V form inside a white A-4 envelope.
  • Within 120 days of the filing date, send ITR-V through rapid post or regular mail to the CPC address listed above.

Important information regarding ITR-V when using EVC for verification

The following should be kept in mind when checking the results using EVC code:

  • Only one mode should be used for verification.
  • The verification code is only valid for one use.
  • The mobile number or email address used to verify must be registered with the income tax department.

In order to complete your income tax filing, send the ITR-V to the income tax department after understanding what the form is, how to fill it out, and why it is required.

How to download ITR – V from the IT Department Website?

The Income Tax department will automatically create the ITR-V Acknowledgement and send it to the registered email address when an income tax return is filed. By enrolling into their online account and using the steps outlined below, the assessee can readily get the acknowledgement from the Income Tax E-Filing portal if they have not already received it:

Step 1: Visit Income Tax Department Website


Go to the Income Tax Portal and Login to Income Tax Website 


Step 2: Select the appropriate field


Choose the “e-File” from the “Income Tax Returns” option. To see e-filed tax returns, select View Filed Returns.


Step 3: Download ITR-V


Click the “Download Form” button of the applicable assessment year to download the Income Tax Return Verification (ITR-V) Form.


Step 4: ITR-V to CPC Bangalore


After downloading ITR-V, print, sign, and deliver this document to CPC Bangalore within 120 days of the date of e-filing.


FAQs on ITR-V Form

1. Can the income tax return be verified without filing Form ITR-V?

Yes, even without Form ITR-V, the income tax return can be checked. You can use your email address, phone number, Pan card, Aadhar card, etc. to verify things online.

2. What is the deadline for ITR-V submission for verification?

You have up to 120 days from the date your returns were filed to submit ITR-V Form.

3. Is sending ITR-V to CPC required?

It is compulsory, Your return will not begin to be processed by the income tax division until you deliver the ITR-V to the CPC. Your return will be regarded late if they do not get your ITR-V within 120 days of providing the return acknowledgement.

4. Can I obtain a second Form ITR-V?

You can, indeed. You can always go to the income tax department’s online website, log into your account, and download another copy of ITR-V Form if you misplace the one they mailed you. If you lose the original copy of the form you downloaded before, you can download it again.


Verification is the process of demonstrating the legitimacy of your tax return. The income tax department will need to confirm the legitimacy of your return after you file your taxes online without including a digital signature. The government does this by sending ITR Form V, often known as an “Income Tax Return – Verification.” This form must be filled out and sent to the income tax office for verification before your tax filing is complete.

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