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Products and services are Classified by according to specific categories (also called Classes). Trademarks have to be applied or registered under such specific class or classes as may be applicable. Herewith we are presenting an all inclusive guide to Class 15 of the Trademark Classification!

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Trademark Class 15

Trademark Class 15 pertains to Musical instruments.

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Comprehensive list of goods classified under Trademark Class 15.

  • Musical instruments
  • Musical accessories
  • And parts and fittings of all the aforesaid goods, included in the class.


A detailed list of goods classified under Trademark Class 15.


accordions gongs pegs for musical instruments
bagpipes guitars perforated music rolls
balalaikas [stringed musical instruments] handbells [musical instruments] piano keyboards
bamboo flutes harmonicas piano strings
bandonions harmoniums piano keys
banjos harp strings pianos
barrel organs harps pipa [Chinese guitars]
basses [musical instruments] hats with bells [musical instruments] plectrums / picks for stringed instruments
bellows for musical instruments horns [musical instruments] reeds
bow nuts for musical instruments horsehair for bows for musical instruments saxophones
bows for musical instruments huqin [Chinese violins] sheng [Chinese musical wind instruments]
bridges for musical instruments intensity regulators for mechanical pianos stands for musical instruments
buccins [trumpets] Jews’ harps [musical instruments] sticks for bows for musical instruments
carillons [musical instruments] kettledrum frames stringed musical instruments
cases for musical instruments kettledrums strings for musical instruments
castanets keyboards for musical instruments suona [Chinese trumpets]
catgut for musical instruments keys for musical instruments tambourines
chin rests for violins lyres tom-toms
clarionets mandolins triangles [musical instruments]
clarions mouthpieces for musical instruments trombones
concertinas music rolls [piano] trumpets
conductors’ batons music stands tuning hammers
cornets [musical instruments] music synthesizers tuning forks
cymbals musical instruments turning apparatus for sheet music
double basses musical boxes valves for musical instruments
drumheads / skins for drums mutes for musical instruments / dampers for musical instruments violas
drums [musical instruments] oboes violins
drumsticks ocarinas wind pipes for organs
electronic musical instruments organs xylophones
flutes pedals for musical instruments zithers


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