Farmer Producer Organization as per Companies Act, 2013

FPO, Farmer Producer Organization, Formation of the FPO, FPO Scheme, Activities performed by Farmer Producer Organization, Cluster-Based Business Organizations, Ebizfiling

A complete guide to the Farmer Producer Organization Introduction New Guidelines for the Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) were published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare as part of the scheme to form and promote 10,000 Farmer Producer Organizations […]

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Company forms will be released by MCA on 9th and 23rd January, 2023

Company forms will be released by MCA on 9th and 23rd January, 2023, Company forms released by MCA on 23rd January, 2023, Ebizfiling, Ministry of Corporate Affairs

56 company forms will be released by MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) on 9th and 23rd January, 2023 Introduction The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is releasing a second set of company forms, totaling 56 forms in two lots, on […]

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Legal Aspects of Franchise Business in India – A complete guide

Legal Aspects of Franchise Business, Franchise Business in India, What is a Franchise Business, Ebizfiling

What is a Franchise Business? And Legal Aspects of Franchise Business in India Introduction The franchise business model is now emerging as an appealing business option for prospective entrepreneurs, whether for its profitability, the variety of options available, or the […]

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Ways to apply for a Business Loan with bad credit

Business loan with bad credit, Eligibility criteria for availing business loan, ways to apply for a business loan with bad credit, business loan purpose, Ebizfiling

Business Loan with bad credit: Different ways to apply, eligibility criteria and its purpose A business loan is now very common among startups, traders, retailers, and manufacturers. A business loan can be used to meet working capital needs as well […]

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How to calculate cost and revenue for a startup?

Revenue for a Startup, Cost for a Startup, How to calculate revenue for a startup, how to calculate cost for a startup, Ebizfiling

A guide on “How to calculate cost and revenue for a startup?” Introduction To understand and analyze the financial status of their startup or business, business leaders rely on a plethora of metrics. Total revenue is one of many metrics, […]

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What are the reasons for Company Name Rejection?

Reasons for company name rejection, What are the reasons for company name rejection, Company Name Rejection, Formation of Company Name, Ebizfiling

8 most frequent reasons for company name rejection Introduction One of the crucial phases in registering a Private Limited Company is choosing the company name. When requesting names through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ RUN name approval process, an applicant […]

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A complete guide on “How to start a Bike Rental Business in India?”

Bike rental business in India, What is bike rental business, How to start a bike rental business in India, Challenges faced in starting a Bike rental Business, Ebizfiling

What is bike rental business? And How to start a bike rental business in India? Introduction One business that has experienced rapid expansion in recent years is the automobile industry in India. Since passing its early stages in India, the […]

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