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A complete guide on PF Return Annual Filing


The Provident Fund, which has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is a separate legal entity that is totally cut off from both the employer and the investment management company. Employees (provident fund members) can be assured that the assets of the fund will not be affected by any liabilities the employer or the investment management company may have in the case of financial insolvency. We will discuss all about filing PF Return annually.

What is PF?

Provident fund is a scheme which is managed by the government, for the employees who can contribute a part of their pension fund every month. When you retire or leave your job, you can conveniently access these monthly savings as a lump sum. PF registration can also be obtained voluntarily by establishments having less than 20 employees.

  • PF contributions can only be withdrawn by the employee at the time of his/her retirement, barring a few exceptions.
  • All employers having PF registration are responsible for filing returns monthly.

Due date for Filing PF Returns

This is a monthly return that must be submitted by the employers via the Employer e-Sewa portal. The return will include fundamental information for both new and departing members as well as member-specific information about the salaries and contributions.

  • The due date for Monthly Challan remittance to Bank for PF is 15th of Every Month
  • The due date for yearly returns is 30th April every year.

Filing Annual PF Return

The yearly PF returns are filed using the following forms:

  • Form3A
  • Form6A

Form 3A

The Employee Provident Fund and the Employee Pension Fund are represented month-by-month on the Form 3A by the employer and subscriber. It also includes the following information.

  • Form 3A must contain the signature and the seal of the employer.
  • Name and address of the establishment
  • Voluntary contribution in case if there is any
  • Name of the father or the husband
  • The statutory rate of contribution
  • Name of the subscriber
  • Account Number

Form 6A

The yearly contribution information for each member is included in Form 6A, which is a consolidated annual contribution statement. The information listed below must be included in the form:

  • Wages, retaining allowance (if any) and the D.A that includes the cash value of the food concession that is paid during the currency period.
  • The amount of contribution that is deducted from the wages.
  • Employer’s contribution (Both EPF and Pension)
  • Name of the members of the subscriber
  • Rate of the higher voluntary contribution (If there is any)
  • Refund of the advances
  • Account number
  • Remarks

In addition, the following information should be written in the “amount remitted” column:

  • The month of the contribution
  • The donation that was sent in, including the refund for the advances
  • EDLI Contribution
  • Pension Fund Contribution
  • Administrative charges
  • Aggregate contributors

What are the benefits of filing a PF return annually?

PF (Provident Fund) Benefits are-

  1. After retiring, you might receive a fixed income while remaining at home in your later years.
  2. The Volunteer Provident Fund allows you to invest more than the minimum, or 12% of your monthly income.
  3. Life insurance is available through Provident Fund (at any age).
  4. The provident Fund allows you to name a nominee from your family so that they would get your pension or monthly income in the case of your demise.
  5. After turning 60, you can withdraw your provident fund and take advantage of both EPF and EPS.
  6. You may take an early withdrawal from your PF in an emergency case as well as under certain unavoidable specified conditions, such as weddings, job losses, debt repayment, and so on.
  7. Although having a Provident Fund is not compulsory, it is highly advised for everyone to do so in order to maintain their standard of living after retirement.

Documents Needed To File A PF Return

  • Account Statement : A cancelled check from a bank account or the most recent bank statement
  • Payment Challan : The Provident Fund Payment Challan Copy
  • PF Contribution : PF Contribution List
  • PAN Card : ID and address proof PAN of the employee and employer
  • Aadhar Card : Identity and address proof, Aadhar card of the  Employee and employer
  • Balance Sheet : Company balance sheet information
  • Monthly Pay Statement : Employee pay slips for each month
  • A certificate of incorporation : In the case of a company, a Certificate of Company Registration


Annual Provident Fund returns are required, and they must be submitted by April 30 of each year. The two forms required to submit an annual Provident Fund return are Form 3A and Form 6A. The Provident Fund is a social security system which was introduced to encourage employees to save and to help them in their retirement. Every month, both the company and the employee make contributions to the PF.

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