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Different structure and How to start an Accounting business in the USA?


Accounting is a more diverse profession than many people realise, and it can provide both the stability of a long-term employer and the independence of self-employment. Starting your own business is a difficult task, but the path to self-employment in accounting has been meticulously planned. In this article, we will try to answer your questions about “How to Start an Accounting Business in the USA?” Different business structures can be opted for starting an accounting business in USA, and the benefits of business registration in the US. Let’s first discuss the services provided by an accounting firm before moving on to “How to Run an Accounting Business in the US?”

What are the services provided by an Accounting Business?

Accounting firms provide a wide range of services to help business owners stay financially organised, tax compliant, and ready for future growth. Accounting firms should be viewed as integral business partners rather than just a cost-cutting measure for bookkeeping. Not every accounting firm provides every service, and business owners should interview several firms to determine which is the best fit for their company’s specific needs. 3 major activities are listed below:

  • Payroll and operational bookkeeping
  • Business Growth and Valuation
  • Tax Preparation and Planning

Different types of business structures for starting an Accounting business in USA

Listed below are the types of business structures in the USA-:


  • LLC (Limited Liability Company)

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legally permissible business structure under state law. Each state may have different regulations; if you want to start a Limited Liability Company, you should check with your state. Members are the owners of an LLC. Because most states do not restrict membership, members can be individuals, corporations, other LLCs, or foreign entities. There is no limit to the number of members. Most states also allow “single-member” LLCs, which have just one owner.


  • Forming corporation

To calculate its taxable income, a corporation generally takes the same deductions as a sole proprietorship. A corporation can also take advantage of special tax breaks. A C corporation is treated as a separate taxpaying entity for federal income tax purposes. A corporation operates a business, earns a profit or loss, pays taxes, and distributes profits to shareholders.


  • Partnership

A partnership is a business or trade relationship formed by two or more people. Each person contributes money, labour, property, or skill, and shares in the company’s profits and losses. A partnership is required to file an annual information return to report its income, deductions, gains, and losses, among other things, but it does not pay income tax. Instead, profits and losses are “passed through” to its partners. On their tax return, each partner reports their share of the partnership’s income or loss.


  • Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietor is an individual who owns his or her own unincorporated business. If you are the sole member of a domestic limited liability company (LLC), you are not considered a sole proprietor if you choose to treat the LLC as a corporation.

How to start an Accounting Business in USA?

The steps for starting an accounting firm in the USA are given below-:


  • Plan your business

A well-thought-out plan is essential for entrepreneur success. It will help you map out the specifics of your company and uncover some unknowns. Consider the following important topics:

  1. What are the initial and ongoing expenses?
  2. Who is your intended audience?
  3. How much money can you charge your customers?
  4. What will you call your company?

Along with this, it is critical to select a unique business name when forming a business in the USA, as this will help you stand out from your competitors.


  • Register your business

Before you can start a business, you must first register for several state and federal taxes. To register for taxes, you must obtain an EIN. Depending on the business structure you choose, you may have different taxation options for your company. Some limited liability companies, for example, may benefit from being taxed as S corporations (S corp). Your company may be subject to state taxes. You can learn more about state sales taxes and franchise taxes in our state sales tax guides.


  • Apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number)

An Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax ID Number, is a number that identifies your company for tax filing and reporting purposes. Businesses with employees, as well as those organised as a corporation or partnership, must obtain an EIN. Most banks will require a business to have an EIN before opening a business bank account for forming a business.


  • Business License and Permits

Certified Public Accountants must pass a CPA exam in order to obtain a CPA certificate and practice licence. Furthermore, each state has its own set of education and experience requirements before allowing someone to work as a CPA. The professional requirements can be obtained from your state’s State Board of Accountancy.

Other licences and permits may be required by state and local governments. Among the possibilities are the following others:

  1. General business operating permit
  2. Permit for Signature
  3. Permission to work from home (if operating a business from home)


  • Open a bank account

As an accounting professional, you are already aware of the importance of keeping personal and business finances separate for legal and tax purposes. Separation of personal and business financial assets is required for LLCs and corporations to maintain the “corporate veil,” which protects business owners from the liabilities of the business. After registering with the state and obtaining an EIN, a business should have all of the information needed to open a business bank account and credit accounts.

Final Thoughts

Accounting services keep track of income, expenses, taxes, and other financial information for all types of organisations and individuals. Professional accountants provide clients with a clear picture of their finances, the implementation of tax mitigation strategies, and a variety of other financial benefits. Also, it is one of the most profitable businesses to start.


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