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Does your Company wish to receive Foreign Direct Investment? Does your Company wish to allot shares to foreigners against such investment? Under Fema Compliance, filing Form FC-GPR within 30 days is mandatory. File yours at INR 24999/- only.

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What is Form FC-GPR?

All you need to know about form FC-GPR under Single Master Form of RBI

In literal meaning, form FCGPR stands for Foreign Collaboration- General Permission Route. It is a form issued by RBI under Foreign Exchange Management Act,1999. 


When the company receives the foreign investment and against such investment the company allots shares to such foreign investor then it is the duty of the company to file details of such allotment of shares with The RBI within 30 days and for that company has to use the form FC-GPR (Foreign Currency- Gross Provisional Return) for submitting details with RBI.


It is compulsory to file form FC GPR along with supporting documents, with the RBI within 30 days from the date when shares have been issued.


An entity will be considered non-compliant under FEMA, if it does not comply with the SMF filing procedure for filing of Form FC-GPR set out under the SMF Manual, or does not enter the relevant details in the EMF, or enters the details in the EMF without stating a plausible reason for the delay. In any one of these cases, the Indian entity will not be able to receive foreign investment, including indirect foreign investment.


Related Post: How to file RBI Form FC-GPR? is a motivated and progressive concept conceived by like minded people, which helps small, medium and large businesses including Indian Subsidiary to fulfil complex compliance. Apart from FC-GPR filing we also provide services for FC-TRS form filing, Startup advisory, and management consultancy services to clients in India and abroad. You may get in touch with our compliance manager on 09643203209 or email requirements of Indian Laws.

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(All Inclusive)

  • Filing of FG-GPR
  • Issue of CA Certificate
  • Issue of CS Certificate

Documents & details required for Form FC-GPR filing

List of documents to be submitted along with Form FC-GPR


  • Declaration to be filed by the Authorised Representative of Indian Company. As per the format given in the RBI user manual.
  • CS certificate: As per the format given in the RBI user manual.
  • Valuation certificate: As prescribed and applicable under FEMA 20(R).
  • Relevant acknowledgment letters for FC-TRS/FC-TRS filed for the original investment for rights or bonus issue.
  • Board resolution : Only the relevant extracts. To be attached as “other attachments”.
  • Memorandum of Association : if applicable. Relevant extracts to be attached as “other attachment”.
  • Merger/ Demerger/ Amalgamation: relevant extracts to be attached at the specified attachment “relevant approval from the competent authority”.
  • FIRC and KYC : at the specified attachments.

List of details to be acquired for FC-GPR filing



  • Unique Identification Number from RBI by reporting of Advance Foreign Remittance.
  • Disclaimer Certificate.
  • Statutory Auditor Certificate.
  • LRN(Loan Registration Number) allotted.
  • Copy of FIPB approval (if required).
  • Details of Transfer of shares if any.
  • No Objection certificate from the remitter for the shares being allotted to the third party mentioning their relationship.
  • Letter from the foreign investor explaining the reasons for making subscription to shares by the remitter on his behalf.
  • Copy of Agreement/Board resolution from the investor company for issue and allotment of shares to the foreign investors, other than remitter.

Procedure / Process for Filing Form FC-GPR online


5 Easy Steps


Fill in simple Checklist


Details of the Transactions


Details of shareholding pattern


Verification of documents


Form FC-GPR filed

Fill in the simple checklist

A Compliance Manager will get in touch with you to obtain your documents along with a simple checklist. You need to fill up that checklist and submit along with your documents for processing. Our team of experts will verify the documents provided by you. After that our team will take the procedure further.

FC-GPR filing Preparation

Once our expert team completes the verification process of your documents and details, the team will proceed with the Form FC-GPR filing formalities. All throughout the process, your dedicated Compliance Manager will keep you updated on the progress of filing of form FC-GPR. We will file the form FC-GPR online.

RBI Form FC-GPR filing- final process

To start with the filing procedure of Fc-TRS form, we will register you as a business user on an online portal and then We will finally proceed to file the form online. After filling in all the details carefully, we will submit the form and we will notify you after the successful submission of the form FC-GPR.


FAQs on Form FC-GPR

Get answers to all your queries

  • What is the time limit for filing Form FC-GPR?

    You need to file the Form FC-GPR within 30 days of allotment of shares.

  • I have more than 1000 shareholders to whom bonus or rights issue is made. How do I make a filing in FC-GPR-SMF?

    FC-GPR is required to be filed where the foreign investment is reckoned as an FDI i. e. only for those non-resident investors where the original investment is FDI. File form FC-GPR in SMF accordingly.

  • I have registered as an Entity user but cannot see option for filing Single Master Form (SMF)?

    For filing in SMF, one has to register as a Business User, which is separate from Entity User.

  • What Securities are considered under FDI?

    Following three Securities are considered under FDI:

    1. Equity Shares.
    2. Convertible Preference shares.
    3. Convertible Debentures.
  • Can I file Form FC-GPR online by myself?

    Yes, Form FC-GPR can be filed online by anyone. However Considering the complex work and compliance of the same is a difficult process, it is not easy to comply with all the laws correctly and within time, and therefore it is always advisable to seek the help of experts to manage such compliances.

  • Still have Confusion?

    Don’t worry! Our experts are here to help you. Get in touch with our team for easy filing of SMF form FC-TRS. Write to us at or call us @+91 9643 203 209.

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