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Company Registration the State of Delaware, USA

Things you should know

The State of Delaware in the United States of America (USA) is considered to be a blooming business hub for business enthusiasts not only from the state itself but from around the world. Not only this but Delaware is also believed to be one of the best jurisdictions not only in the USA but in the world for the Registration of the Company.

Types of Business Entities in Delaware

There are two types of Business Entities that are the most common to be registered in the State of Delaware, USA:

  1. Delaware Corporation
  2. Delaware LLC

Delaware LLC is the most popular form of Business entity, Delaware Corporations holds equally strong positions in the State. Delaware Corporations are mainly divided into two categories- 1. C- Corporation and 2. S Corporation. By default, a Delaware Corporation is believed and considered to be a ‘C Corporation’ only and the same shall be taxed according to the corporate income tax. However, a corporation can apply for S Corporation Status, if it has no more than 100 shareholders. 


Note: Corporations with non-U.S.-resident owners are not eligible for S corporation status.

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Why should you choose Ebizfiling as your service provider for Company formation in Delaware, USA?

Ebizfiling is a group of intellectuals. The entire team of Ebizfiling consists of Highly qualified CA, CS, Lawyers and business administrators. Ebizfiling runs its operations all over the world seamlessly. Ebizfiling will be one stop solution for your Company formation in Delaware. We provide a number of services which are required not only for starting a business but also for running the business successfully without any default or mistakes. In India we provide services like Start up advisory, Secretarial compliance services, Private Limited Company registration services, PAN / TAN application, DIN registration, GST registration, Trademark registration, GST / Income tax return filing and many more. You may get in touch with our compliance manager on 09643203209 or email for free consultation and to know more about the services provided by us.

Cost of Company Registration in Delaware, USA

Choose your Package



(All Inclusive)

  • LLC Formation
  • Registered Agent for one year



(All Inclusive)

  • LLC Formation
  • Registered Agent for One Year
  • Article of Organization
  • Operating Agreement
  • EIN Number



(All Inclusive)

  • LLC Formation
  • Registered Agent for One Year
  • Registered Office Address for one year
  • Article of Organization
  • Operating Agreement
  • EIN
  • ITIN
  • Virtual Bank Account Opening

Benefits of Starting a Company in Delaware USA

Points to make your decision easy

  • Delaware is a popular worldwide as the most business friendly State of the USA where one can easily form an LLC or Corporation.
  • To Incorporate Delaware Corporation or LLC, one does not have to live in the State. As long as there is a Delaware Registered Agent present for the Incorporation of a Company in Delaware, there is no need to have a physical address in Delaware.
  • The cost to Incorporate a Company (corporation or LLC) in Delaware is one of the lowest in the USA.
  • Be it a Corporation or an LLC, only one person can hold all the positions and can work as the sole owner of the Company.
  • The Delaware Division of Corporations allows a few Delaware Registered Agents to have a direct online connect to its electronic database, that makes it possible to offer the fastest document retrieval service in the USA.
  • Most investors are more willing to invest in Delaware Companies rather than LLCs and Corporations incorporated in any other states of the USA, hence, getting funds would be easier here in Delaware.

Documents required for company registration in Delaware

Quick Checklist

  • A Certified Copy of Passport
  • Existing Foreign Tax Id Number (Pan Card)
  • Original Voter I’D and Driving License (Incase Certified Passport is not available)

How to register a company in the USA?


Company Registration in the USA Process in 5 steps


Fill in the simple check list


Registration of Business name


Filing of AOA


Employer Identification number


Sales Tax Permit

Fill Simple Checklist

Private limited registration

The first step towards the Company Formation in Delaware, USA is to fill in a simple checklist with the details and documents required for company registration. Our compliance manager will verify the details. Also we will check the name availability for your company and register the same. Once the name is registered we will proceed with the next step.

Prepare AOA

Private limited registration

Once the name is registered we will prepare the AOA. These documents formalize how the company will run. They need to be signed by the company director(s), shareholder(s) and secretary before you register for a company in Delaware. Throughout the process, our compliance manager will keep you updated with the process of company registration.

Tax Id & Permission

Private limited registration

Once we have prepared the AOA for your company, we will apply for the Employer Identification Number (EIN). Also we will apply for the Sales Tax Permit or vendor’s license which is a priority requirement to sell the products which are easily available from the local government. We will inform you once your company is registered in Delaware.


FAQs on Company Registration in the USA

Get answers to all your queries

  • Does a Delaware LLC need to pay the state corporate income tax?

    No. There is no state corporate tax for income generated from outside Delaware. Moreover, there will be no state tax, local sales tax, or tax on interest, royalty and other similar taxes applied on a Delaware LLC.

  • Is it mandatory for opening a bank account in the USA after incorporating a company?

    Yes, it is compulsory to open a bank account in the USA as well as the in-home country in case you want to make transactions or receive money from the USA. It is always advisable to open an account of a bank which has branches in the home country.

  • What is EIN?

    EIN is Employer identification number or US internal revenue services generate a tax ID number. Employer identification number (EIN) is a unique identification number allotted to a company incorporated, which is essential for post-registration procedure or taxation purpose.

  • How many people are required to open a company in the Delaware?

    Only one person is needed to open a company either LLC or Corporation (Inc) in the Delaware.

  • Which Countries do you provide Company incorporation services? provides Company incorporation services online across the world. You can get your Company registered in India, the UK, The USA, Malaysia, Canada, Dubai and many other countries.

  • Have some queries?

    Our expert will help you in choosing the best suitable plan for you. Get in touch with our team to get all your queries resolved. Write to us at or call us @+91 9643 203 209.

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