What is the HSN Code for Horticulture?

All You Need To Know About HSN Code Of Horticulture


Horticulture, encompassing the cultivation of plants for food, medicine, and aesthetic purposes, stands as a pivotal sector within agriculture, playing a vital role in economic sustenance and human welfare. To facilitate international trade and establish uniformity in categorizing goods, the Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) code system was implemented. In this discussion, we delve into the significance of HSN codes in horticulture, shedding light on their role in standardization and facilitating global commerce. Additionally, we explore GST rates and the specific HSN code of horticulture products, elucidating their pivotal function in regulatory frameworks and market dynamics.

What is an HSN Code?

The HSN code is a six-digit code used to classify goods for taxation and trade purposes. It was developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to provide a uniform system for classifying goods in international trade. The first two digits of the code represent the chapter, the next two digits represent the heading, and the last two digits represent the subheading. This system is used by over 200 countries, making it easier to identify and track goods in global trade.

HSN Code of Horticulture

The HSN code for horticulture falls under Chapter 06 of the HSN code, which covers live trees and other plants, bulbs, roots, and cut flowers. The specific code for horticulture is 0601, which includes live plants, trees, and shrubs, as well as cut flowers and flower buds. This code is further divided into subheadings based on the type of plant, such as 0601.10 for edible plants and 0601.20 for ornamental plants.

What is the Importance of the HSN Code of Horticulture?

The HSN code of horticulture is essential for the industry as it helps in the classification and identification of different types of plants. This is especially important for international trade, where different countries may have different names for the same plant. The HSN code ensures that the correct tariff and taxes are applied to the goods, making the trade process smoother and more efficient.


Moreover, the HSN code also helps in tracking the origin and destination of the goods, ensuring that they meet the necessary regulations and standards. This is crucial for horticulture products, as they may be subject to certain restrictions or requirements in different countries. By using the HSN code, importers and exporters can easily comply with these regulations and avoid any delays or penalties.

How to Find the HSN Code of Horticulture?

If you are involved in the horticulture industry and need to find the HSN code for your products, you can easily do so by using the HSN code search tool provided by the WCO. Simply enter the keyword “horticulture,” and the tool will provide you with the relevant codes and descriptions. You can also consult with your local customs office or a trade expert for assistance in determining the correct code for your products.


In conclusion, the HSN code of horticulture is 0601 and is used to classify live plants, trees, and cut flowers for international trade. It plays a crucial role in the industry by providing a standardized system for identifying and tracking goods, as well as ensuring compliance with regulations and tariffs. As the horticulture industry continues to grow, the HSN code will remain an important tool for facilitating global trade.


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