How to check TDS Return Status Via PAN Card?

“What is TDS Return?”, “How to check TDS Return Status Via PAN Card?” And importance of filing TDS Return


A quarterly return known as a TDS return filing is required to be submitted to the Income Tax department. The TDS returns must be submitted on time. You can file your return for the tax deducted at source entirely online. Details from the TDS returns will appear on Form 26 AS after they are submitted. This article will provide you with the detailed information on “What is TDS Return?”, Importance of filing TDS Return, “How to check TDS Return Via PAN Card?”.

What is TDS Return?

In India, TDS stands for Tax Deducted at Source. If a payment exceeds the government-specified limit, the business or individual making the payment is required to deduct TDS (Tax Deduct at Source). The Income Tax Department of India will determine the TDS deduction rate. The business or person that withholds the TDS amount is referred to as the Deductor, and the person whose tax is withheld is the Deductee. Before making a payment, the deductor is responsible for withholding Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and depositing the amount for the Tax Deducted at source with the IT Department.

Importance of filing TDS Return

  • Since deductors who fall under the required slab are required to file TDS returns each month, it gives the Indian government a reliable stream of income. The government benefits from having a record of those who submit TDS on a regular basis.

  • The base of taxes the government can collect is expanded by filing return for the tax deducted at source. There are fewer opportunities for tax evasion because the company files the TDS and gives the employee with a TDS ID a certificate proving it. This increases the number of tax payers in the nation.

  • The return filing makes it simple for the tax agencies as well as for the deductor as the tax is deducted at the time of payment. The tax collection agencies have a major obligation to keep a check on every earning person who falls under the taxpaying slab to ensure that the tax is paid.

  • In order to relieve the Deductee of the burden of having to file taxes again because tax is automatically withheld from their income, the Deductor files a return for the tax deducted at source on their behalf.

How to check TDS Return Status Via PAN Card?

  • Login to the TRACES Portal.

  • Insert the Verification Code.

  • Once you enter the Verification Code, Click on Proceed.

  • Fill in all the details related to TAN and PAN.

  • Choose the appropriate financial year, quarter and types of return.

  • Choose the type of return that corresponds to the various taxpayer types. The following are a few of them:

    • Citizens’ salary payments and tax deductions are reported on Form 24Q.

    • Citizen’s payments other than salary, Form 26Q.

    • The tax collected at source form, 27D-TCS.

    • Foreigners and NRIs’ Other Payments on Form 27Q.

  • Click on the Go button.

  • The appropriate screen will show the information.


If a payment exceeds the government-specified limit, any business or person making the payment must deduct tax at source. Advantages of TDS Taxpayers and the government both benefit from filing returns. Tax Deducted at Source is the advance tax paid by any person or organization for making contact payments, professional fee payments, interest payments, salary payments, dividend payments, and other payments as per the government’s stipulated tax slabs on behalf of the payee.

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