Everything you need to know on Company registration in India from UAE

Company registration in India from UAE – Benefits of company registration in India and Business Strategy for UAE Company to register in India


Foreign nationals must register a foreign subsidiary company in India before starting a business there. India is one of the best markets in the world for investments; over the past 20 years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of foreign capital invested there. Due to the large market and business-friendly environment, many foreign companies seek to establish operations in India. These businesses must establish Foreign Subsidiary Companies in India. In this article information such as Benefits of company registration in India from UAE, Document required for UAE Company to register in India, and Business Strategy for UAE Company to register in India is mentioned.

UAE and India Business Relation

The UAE-India Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (UAE-India CEPA) is India’s first bilateral trade agreement in the Middle East and North Africa. It is also the UAE’s first bilateral trade agreement.


The collaboration signifies a strengthening of connections between India and the UAE. India’s third-largest trading partner is the United Arab Emirates, and bilateral trade is anticipated to reach $60 billion in the current fiscal year. With over 14 percent of the UAE’s total international non-oil exports, India is also the UAE’s top trade partner for non-oil exports.

Benefits of company registration in India from UAE

After China, India is the next major commercial flashpoint. The economy is growing quickly, and the country has a sizeable population that is second only to China. The Indian government’s strategic plan might comprise

  • Abundant human and industrial resources
  • Fourth-largest global economy
  • With the second-highest GDP among developing nations
  • Huge market for buyers
  • An expanding middle class with significant purchasing power
  • There are limited communication hurdles in India because English is widely spoken and used in business and commerce there and throughout the world
  • Vast, open space teeming with natural riches
  • One of the world’s richest nations in terms of human resources

The last twenty years of economic upheaval in India have had an equal impact on the rural and urban landscapes. Collectively, India appears to be preparing for an even more spectacular period of economic expansion throughout its bustling metropolis and rural interior. Therefore, we cannot completely neglect rural areas at the time of investing.

Document required for UAE Company to register in India

  • Consularized ID proof of all the Foreign Directors/shareholders
  • Consularized address proof of the Foreign Directors/shareholders
  • Consularized Address proof of a registered office of the Parent Company
  • Consularized Incorporation Certificate of the Parent Company
  • Photograph of all the shareholders and directors
  • Address proof of a registered office of the Subsidiary Company in India

Different Business Ways for starting UAE Company in India

Above are the 2 ways that are most beneficial for a a foreign company to establish there business in India. Below are the Business Ways that can be opt by NRI:


The Indian government is working tirelessly to protect and promote FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) inflows, vowing to establish a long-term relationship for trade and investment between the UAE and India, assist in bridging existing gaps, and allow both economies to reach their full potential.

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