Advantages of company registration in the US for foreign non-resident

Company Registration in the USA: 5 Advantages of company registration in the US for foreign non-resident


Do you wish to create your business in the USA but you are Non-resident US citizen?  And or want to set up a business in the USA but not sure about why to setup a business in the US? Then you will find this blog useful because it discusses the advantages of company registration in the US for foreign non-residents.

About Company Registration in the USA

The United States of America has a diverse population as well as a sizeable English-speaking population. Because of its diversity, it is generally welcoming to foreign firms. The US market is open to international business opportunities. Hence, setting up a company in the USA gives global class benefit. Further, being a developed nation, rules and regulations for Company Registration in the USA are much regularized, and corporate tax rates are much lower.


There are two types of companies that Non-residents may register in the USA. Below are the 2 types of business structure:

  • LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)

  1. LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) is a type of entity that has features of both a Corporation and a Partnership.
  2. It provides the owners with limited liability protection in case of a lawsuit or bankruptcy.
  3. LLCs are also operationally flexible and the compliance requirements for a LLC are simple.
  • C- Corporation

  1. C-Corporations are an independent legal entity separate from the people who own, control and manage it.
  2. Due to this recognition as an individual entity, it is viewed as a legal “person” in the view of tax laws.
  3. It can be engaged in business and contracts, can initiate lawsuits and itself be sued.

Advantages of company registration in the US for foreign non-resident

  • Tax related benefits

Many US states provide financial incentives to investors who are prepared to establish a business in the USA market. Some of these incentives include tax advantages, and the nation has recently been known to reduce its commercial real estate taxes for international investors. One of the major advantages of forming your company in the USA is that corporate taxes are lower in comparison to other competitive business markets.

  •  Business friendly rules and regulation

The laws and rules in the USA are renowned for being business friendly. More business owners are drawn to this nation since it is simpler to set up business in the US market and because tax rates are low as well. The regulations governing company incorporation are the least burdensome and those that encourage ease of doing business can set up there company in the USA market.

  • Strengthened and facilitated access to capital

Some of the most reputable venture capitalists in the world can be found in a broad and wealthy way in the United States. You automatically obtain access to this well-heeled investor market when you launch a business in the United States.


Though not every state has a similar economic structure. Delaware is the best state for luring venture capital. Delaware also has the most business-friendly corporate legislation. Consider forming a corporation in Delaware if you are establishing a huge business and want to draw in venture capital.

  • Offers a well advanced market economy

The United States has an excellent economic standing. The nation also possesses the greatest nominal net worth and the largest nominal gross domestic product in the globe. The USA market offers a well advanced market economy.


The enterprises that operate internationally benefit from this strong recognition. On a global scale. When running a firm, branding is essential, and the American economic brand is powerful.

  • Advanced technology

The United States is a technologically advanced nation. To gain access to this cutting edge technology that will increase companies’ efficiency and global communication, many investors are forming businesses in the USA.

Summing Up

For any foreigner looking to start a business, the United States is the best option. The fees are low, the process is simple, there are numerous payment processing options, and easy access to capital for business is available. Best of all, the US tax rate is low in comparison to other global markets.

Zarana Mehta: Zarana Mehta is an MBA in Finance from Gujarat Technology University. Though having a masters degree in Business Administration, her upbeat and optimistic approach for changes led her to pursue her passion i.e. Creative writing. She is currently working as Content Writer at Ebizfiling.
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